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  1. Dude, I’ve been a long time lurker on the board, had zero reason to post, but seeing this I needed to jump on. Take a deep breath! Listen, I know it’s rough and things right now likely seem overwhelming for a number of reasons. You are not alone bud. Guarantee there are people in your in your life, in your community, your church, any social outlet you have readily available where I promise you, people will rally around you and support you. I’m sorry you’re dealing with a lot but it will and does get better. All things have a season and challenges can open doors to paths you can’t even see yet. Bro, I lost my Mom in a car accident at 25, my Dad was in the same accident, in a coma and then in and out of hospitals for years until he had some semblance of a regular life. Ends up having some mental issues once he stabilized, went off the deep end and ends up cutting me and my siblings out of his life. My extended family fell apart during this time (Mom was the glue). Lost my job, no prospects, lost my girlfriend, lost tons of friends because I was isolating myself from any kind of help. It was bleak Even now my sister is 28, has stage 4 lung cancer (doesn’t smoke and it was a freak genetic thing). Constantly worried, but even there amazing things are happening. It’s brought my family closer together. Made us appreciate the time we have. She’s fighting it, but no matter what, our past experiences have made us understand that we can make good out of the bad. 9 years later, I’m married, great job, family is closer. Still rough going with my Dad, but even that has provided enough with a deep perspective to be more patient and loving with others in my life. There are good and bad days, life is different, but embrace the new. What you’re experiencing now needs to be the motivation to keep fighting for the better ones to come. Tonight is actually my Mom’s 65th birthday. I believe these are the moments where she allows me to help others. You got this man. Keep at this, ask for help. For me it was my Church, group therapy, connecting with friends, focusing on making my family happy, regaining and working on my own confidence and having the realization that everyone goes through unbelievable hardships at a point, but you have a choice, give up? Or keep fighting to make a better tomorrow for yourself! I don’t know you but I know exactly how you feel. IT WILL GET BETTER! You’re not stupid, you’re not alone. The Falcons are a piss poor outlet for happiness right now, but see that even in all this misery, that someday even the Falcons will be successful again. Try not to focus on everything at once, be honest with yourself about what you can handle. Reach out. Don’t. Give. Up! I’m sure plenty on here would say the same! Praying hard for you bud!
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