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  1. I do think you make a few good points here, but my issue with your position is the concept of a window. I don't believe that you have to have a window if you strategically plan & manage your team. I'll try to go through your post piece-by-piece. 1) Sitton is better than Levitre ever was. If he is healthy, we potentially have a Pro Bowl LT, LG and C. This immediately results in improved line play -- across the board. 2) Outside of Jonah Williams and maybe Cody Ford, there isn't a guard in this draft that I will trust over a multi-year starter Scweitzer. Long term? Maybe, but the odds of a guard coming in and outperforming Wes are slim. 3) I mentioned targeting a guy like Daryl Williams to replace Schraeder. My brain says we get outbid though. I do think Schraeder bounces back some. Saimbrello + Howard + improved TE & FB blocking + improved coaching scheme will improve the overall play of the line as well. I've seen a lot of opinions about signing a guy like Saffold + Trent Brown. I don't understand how you make those moves without sacrificing key players ... there wouldn't be enough cap space for a competitive team outside of the 2 years you stated. More realistically, you can only sign one. Say you sign Brown only. You are still starting Scweitzer + a Rookie Guard or Fusco. Say you Sign Saffold. You are still starting Sweitzer + Schraeder. My point is, it will take multiple moves to fix our OL, and i'm not willing to sacrifice our future for a potential window.
  2. Maybe I should give him another shot. I saw him play twice and didn't come away overly impressed and wrote him off. I'll check some different games.
  3. You may be right. I didn't do my research on how he has measured so idk what his time will be. I just know watching him a couple of times I never got the impression he would be sub 4.5 if he made it to the 4.5s
  4. Big fan of Wes Hills and Elijah Holyfield in the later rounds. I don't personally get the love for Bryce Love or Snell. Too slow without any elite skills.
  5. I want to start by saying, I don't think we plan on any major free agency signings. I think the vast majority of our cap room goes to retaining our players with the exception of a patented outside of the box TD trade this year. My offseason retains our top talent, gives depth & young talent at our biggest needs, and sets us up – cap wise- for our free agents next year. Even then .. with these moves, cap space will be tight. Trade: Falcons trade a 2019 6th & 2020 pick to the Miami Dolphins for Josh Sitton. Say hello to this year's version of Andy Levitre. The Dolphins aren't going to be competitive and they know it. This gives them draft capital while clearing the payroll. Falcons get their new starting LG on a contract with 1 year left. He'll fall off the books next year while giving us time to groom our future starting LG (see draft later). Resign: Saimbrelo, Irvin, Jarrett, Poole, B Carter and Bethel. Saimbrelo is an excellent backup swing tackle. Irvin can play an important role to providing depth and veteran leadership to Vic & Takk. Fusco is not a resigning, but I do believe he stays for 1 more year. Good depth at value. Extend: V Beasley & J Jones. Beasley I think will be in the range of 3-4 years @ 8-10/year. I believe with better DTs his production will pick up. I may not see it, but it seems our coaches feel there is still plenty of potential. Plus, there aren’t any free agent DE’s that would replace his value for less $. Cut: B Reed, R Alford, M Bryant. I don't think we make any other notable cuts, unless ... Potential FA: I do think we make a push for a guy like Daryl Williams (RT). If we are able to sign him, Schraeder is a post June 1 cut. If we cannot (this is my opinion of how it will play out unfortunately), I think Schraeder takes a pay cut. Either way, with an improved interior (Sitton) + competitive depth (see Saimbrelo + draft), the RT position will improve next year. FA: Any other FA moves will be depth at best ... more than likely just filling out the roster on minimum contracts. These moves still leave the roster with plenty of holes: Base DE, DT, LB Depth, CB, WR Depth, RB, FB, OT, OG. We cannot fill out every hole in the draft, but I believe the draft will fall where we can go BPA and still fill these primary needs (ideal way to draft). Draft 1) C Wilkins - DT. This guy is a top 10 talent, but due to teams that draft by need I think we luck into him falling to us. BPA at a position of need. Other potential: Jonah Williams, Ed Oliver & Jeffrey Simmons. Jonah will be gone. Like it or not, Simmons isn't going to be a Falcon due to his past. Oliver I strongly considered, but there is just something watching him play that makes me question his ability to translate the NFL. I have no doubt that Wilkins will be a player. (hot take: Clemson's DLine's best NFL players will be: 1) Wilkins 2)Bryant 3)Lawrence 4)Ferrell) 2) Rock Ya Sin – CB. Top 50 player … I don’t care what a lot of these draft boards are saying. Even though he doesn’t have the experience at the top level of college football, he’ll be a baller. I believe the Falcons view CB as a bigger need than most. Cutting our arguably best cover corner and leaving it in the hands of a 2nd year player? Not to mention is Tru going to still be starting caliber… This is a BPA pick that provides depth and competition at a position that Quinn views as vital to the success of a defense. Other options considered: OT/OG. There are a few names that I could see us looking into, but in terms of 2nd round OL vs 3/4/5 round OL, I don’t see as big of a gap in talent as I do in CB from rounds 2 to later. 3) Tytus Howard – OT. Good size, footwork, and showed well in Senior Bowl against higher level competition. He’s not going to be a day 1 starter. Keeping Schraeder on for a year (assuming we don’t sign Williams), he can take the year to develop his craft and take over next year when we cut Schraeder for cap purposes. If Tytus is gone, based on who the Falcons were linked to, I could see us taking a guy like Trey Pipkins. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any tape on Trey so I will have to withhold opinion. 4) Wes Hills – RB. IMO huge sleeper. He may have gone to a small school, but he is a stud. Total package … vision, cutting ability, and power. May not have the top line speed TECO does, but he is fast enough. I’ll be confident in Ito & Wes to take over RB if Devonte goes down. 4-Comp) Jon Ledbetter – DE. Base DE to replace Shelby. I’ve always felt he was misused at UGA (and I’m a Tech fan). He showed more pass rushing ability at the Senior Bowl than I was expecting. I think he is very raw there, but his ability to set the edge will be there day 1. Excellent value here. I believe post-combine he’ll be viewed closer to an early 4th to maybe late 3rd round pick. 5) Alex Bar – OG. We luck out here, assuming he comes back healthy from his injury. If he was healthy this year, he’s a 2nd-3rd round prospect … more than likely 2nd. Picking up Sitton for the year will give him the time to heal up and take over LG when Sitton is gone next year. 5-Comp) Jazz Ferguson – WR. Sleeper pick. The Ferguson brother that is not a 1st to 3rd round prospect --- only due to issues with school. He ended up at a small school, but certainly showed out (watch his game film vs Texas A&M to see him go against P5 competition). I see NFL size, speed, hands and willingness to block. Route running needs some cleaning up. Will take this year to be acclimated to NFL speed and be our #3 receiver next year behind Julio & Ridely. Sanu is a cap casualty next year. 6) Traded. 7) Trevon Wesco – FB/H-back. IMO this guy was completely off my radar until the Senior Bowl. And that’s when they tried him out at FB. If he can shed a few pounds and pick up a little speed, this guy could be a championship level puzzle piece. His pass blocking will be elite for a FB which improves our OL. He’s a TE at heart ... he can run routes and catch. You can’t count on him just to block if you are playing defense. Goal line game changer. Depth Chart (Bolded names are starters) DE: Takk // Vic // Irvin // Ledbetter // Means DT: Jarrett // Wilkins //Crawford // Senat // Zimmer LB: Olukon // Jones // Campbell // Riley // Carter CB: Tru // Oliver // Poole // Ya Sin // Wreh-Wilson S: Neal // Allen // Kazee // Neasman OT: Mathews // Schraeder // Saimbrello // Howard OG: Sitton // Sweitzer // Fusco // A Bars C: Mack TE: Hooper // Paulsen // Saubert WR: Julio // Sanu // Ridley // Ferguson // Gage // Hall RB: Freeman // Ito // W Hills // B Hill FB: T Wesco QB: Ryan // Benkert or Vet FA A little different than what I've seen thrown around out there, but I think something like this is the right path to take. Sets us up talent & cap wise for not only this year. IMO the draft every year should be based on cap & team needs the next year w/ small FA moves substituting for more current year needs ... that's the way to consistently get ahead.
  6. Honestly given the lack of versatility I'd pass on him. I think he can be a solid guard for years, but will never be elite. Edit to say ... When I say solid I mean average at best.
  7. As a GT fan, you won't find a better young man than Freeman. As a Falcons fan, pass.
  8. In a perfect world, this mocks rounds 1-3 would be completely different. I hope Payne falls to 26, but I don't see it happening. I also couldn't justify giving up draft capital to move up ... Doing that consistently kills a teams depth. So the CB in rnd 1 pick is just going BPA. I think if we are talking this time next year, seeing us pick up a RB in early rounds makes sense. Edmonds fills the void of ward. If and when Coleman leaves, that's when I'd consider a RB early.
  9. I tried to make this mock as realistic as possible by sticking to the positions & players the Falcons have scouted, what our draft prospects have historically looked like. With these constraints in place, I picked the players that I like the best coming into the draft. I by no means have the time to watch every single prospect, so I'm all ears on feedback for new folks to take a look at, get excited about and then watch the Falcons not draft. Other Moves 1) Sign a DT. Logan or Hankins I'd like the most. Rubin is my worst case scenario. 2) Sign a LB or 2. Need some veteran leadership here and some quality backups. 3) ***TRADE*** Atlanta receives a 6th rounder this year from Cleveland in exchange for a 5th rounder next year. We don't tend to value the later picks unless there is a need to use it. The past few years our drafts have gone D/D/O ... and then it's a toss up from there. Based on our needs and how I feel the draft will play out, I don't anticipate that changing. Strong emphasis on players how participated in post season games (NFLPA, Shrine, Senior). Draft 1) Isaiah Oliver – Colorado – CB --- BPA. Fits the mold of the defensive back Quinn looks for, and will offer financial flexibility in future years. 2) Nathan Shepherd – Fort Hays State – DT --- Dominated his competition and carried that dominance to the Senior Bowl before his hand injury. Has all the measurables Quinn desires. Still raw, but will be a great rotational piece year 1. 3) Tyrell Crosby – Oregon – OG/OT --- We luck out here, and Crosby slips. While it’s not really a need, this is another BPA pick. Also gives us the ability to move on from Garland and allocate that money to Matthews/Ryan contracts. 4) John Franklin Myers – SFA – DE --- Your new Adrian Clayborn. He played too heavy this past season. 6’ 3.5” at 280lbs sounds about right for him. May seem like a reach, but he checks off to many boxes for Quinn to pass up here. Not a lot of film here, so I had to work with what I had and read in between the lines from multiple reports. 6) Chase Edmonds – Fordham – RB --- He has a history of injuries, but seems like a good fit to replace Ward as a 3rd back. Not a lot of film, but he is similar to the mold of Ward, has soft hands and the Falcons like him. 6) Brandon Shed – Hobart --- Dominated his competition at the D3 level. Showed great route running, speed and hands … just needs to prove it against better competition. It was between this guy and Vyncint Smith here. I feel Shed showed to be more of a 'hands catcher.' 7) Antonio Simmons – Georgia Tech – DE/LB --- Chess piece that we are lucky to get this late. Ran a 4.5 at his pro day (hand timed, so probably closer to 4.6) and put up 30 reps on the bench at 6'2” 250lbs. Will replace Brooks Reed next year if his development pans out. Homer pick for me, but the dude is nasty & value is there. 7) Foye Oluokun – Yale – LB --- Athletic LB to provide depth and develop. UDFA 1) Marcus Martin – Slippery Rock – FB --- All-time career leader in sacks. Kind of player Quinn covets. Tough & versatile. Will make the switch to fullback in the pros, but will be a special teams contributor as well. Showed his hands in the East-West Shrine game catching a touchdown after slipping out of the backfield. I welcome all feedback. Positive, negative, straight trolling. Bring it on! I enjoy learning about new folks or perhaps a different perspective of those I like.
  10. Uhh ... Buffalo taking 2 quarterbacks?
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if we used or 2nd on this guy. I have a feeling he'll be gone by our 3rd the way he has performed and when people start focusing more on his tape.