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  1. Give me Chris Evans late 5/6. Then bring in Dedrick Mills as a UDFA.
  2. Absolutely love it. I really hope to see us package up our 3rd plus Den 4th and move back into the second to grab Joseph Ossai. That'd be an absolute home run first 3 rounds.
  3. I don't post much, but I typically do a mock off season once a year ... more as a repository to look back and see how wrong i have been in years past as well as get other perspectives. It seems all my previous posts have been removed + a new computer that didn't carry over some of my files results in well ... let's just say I'm batting 100% until proven otherwise. Given the pressure on this coaching regime is under I think we should be quite active this off season. Draft + free agency. I'm also a big proponent of you draft for the future, and fill in immediate needs through free agency.
  4. Id make 2 trades. 1st package our 1st 4th + comp 5 to move up to grab our CB. There I'm thinking Gardner Johnson, Isiah Johnson or the penn state kid. 2nd package a 6th + comp 4th to move up and secure our DE. Austin Bryant pretty please. I'd settle for cominsky or Anthony Nelson. 5 is our dt. Chris Slayton or Rennell Wren 6 is lb: Ulysses grant 7 is bpa: punter, wes hills or jazz Ferguson
  5. Isn't a large portion of that money tied to him starting? So if he doesn't start and is a backup swing tackle the total $ drops a couple of million. Or am I misremembering? Basically we pay 5M for a starter or ~2 for a backup all on the same contract?
  6. I'm still surprised jazz Ferguson isn't getting more love. I do like sills tho. Just prefer jazz.
  7. Jazz Ferguson - WR (he will be a better pro than his brother) Wes Hills - RB Trevon Wesco - FB/TE
  8. Maybe I should give him another shot. I saw him play twice and didn't come away overly impressed and wrote him off. I'll check some different games.
  9. You may be right. I didn't do my research on how he has measured so idk what his time will be. I just know watching him a couple of times I never got the impression he would be sub 4.5 if he made it to the 4.5s
  10. Big fan of Wes Hills and Elijah Holyfield in the later rounds. I don't personally get the love for Bryce Love or Snell. Too slow without any elite skills.
  11. Between the salary cap and guys needing to be resigned in the future as well as all the potential losses we are having on the d-line, I would be shocked if at minimum 2/3 of our first picks arent defensive players.
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