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  1. I don't post much, but I typically do a mock off season once a year ... more as a repository to look back and see how wrong i have been in years past as well as get other perspectives. It seems all my previous posts have been removed + a new computer that didn't carry over some of my files results in well ... let's just say I'm batting 100% until proven otherwise. Given the pressure on this coaching regime is under I think we should be quite active this off season. Draft + free agency. I'm also a big proponent of you draft for the future, and fill in immediate needs through free agency. Cap Space I'm letting most free agents walk as well as cutting Allen Bailey, Luke Stocker, Freeman (assuming we can get $6.5M post june 1), Carter, Larkin, Thomas and Carpenter (post June 1). I'm restructuring Mack's deal as well given the projected jump in salary cap in future years. This should give us somewhere in the range of $30-$35M if my math is right. Free Agency Resigning: Adrian Clayborn, Wes Schweitzer and I'll go ahead and include Kevin Smith + Stephen Means since they were already signed. I would very much like to resign De'Vondre Campbell if possible, but the other moves I see as more pressing don't leave the cap space to do so. Free Agents: I am making the biggest splash here, while focusing my big signings on individuals who were cut as not to impact comp picks next year. 1) Jason Pierre Paul (2 years, back loaded): Need help getting after the QB, and also will serve as the perfect mentor for my #1 pick. 2) Gerald McCoy (1 year): Davison was servicable, but I want more impact from my starting DL. Senat (assuming he gets out of the dog house) can be the servicable run stopper. McCoy + Grady is an elite interior, even with McCoy aging. Worst case, resign Davison here. 3) Kevin Louis Pierre (2-3 year): Option A is De'Vondre Campbell, so this is my backup plan. Looked good in limited time with Chicago last night when he was pushed into action. Bears don't have cap space with all of their other free agents so we luck out here. Good competition with Foye. 4) Tight End. Don't care who... someone serviceable in the 2-3M range. Think Jacob Tamme-esque signing. [Prediction for Falcons in reality: Resign all those I listed + Davison + Campbell. Sign Bruce Irvin + tight end.] Draft Trades I think we see 2 trades come draft night. The 1st I saw on here. Can't remember who posted it, but shout out to that individual. Trade 1: ATL 1 for PHI 1/3/6 Trade 2: ATL 2/3/7 for SF 1/6 This leaves us with 1/1/2/3/4/5/6/6 to fill out the roster. Draft 1) Yetur Gross Matos (DE). I see a lot of you all don't care for him on here, and he is by no means a perfect prospect. But at 21 I think he is BPA. ****, I’d take him 16 over Chaisson. I also think working directly with JPP will go a long ways in his development. 1) Marlon Davison (DT). Much like the back-to-back OL picks of last year; we attack the DL this year. This guy to me is close to being DT2 behind Brown in the draft. I like Kinlaw, but something about him is just missing to me. I also really like his ability to learn from McCoy in this situation. Not saying they are the same player, but they have some comparable traits. 2) Cam Akers (RB). Fix the RBBC approach. this is my RB3 behind Taylor + Swift (and that's debatable. 3) Reggie Robinson II (CB/FS). I think he has potential to be a good cornerback, but we also benefit with his ability to play FS. Come training camp, let him duke it out to see where he can provide the most value. 4) K'Von Wallace (S). Big fan of his. He's a good leader and is a good contingency plan if Keanu gets hurt/doesn't come back the same. Give him a year to learn and let Keanu walk next year and he takes over. 5) Cameron Clark (OL). Meet your new swing tackle + competition at guard. More realistically he plays guard in the NFL & Gono becomes our emergency swing tackle, but Cameron did play LT throughout college. Watch his game tape against Clemson if you want to see how he stacks up against a top P5 team. Watch his game tape against Buffalo if you want to see him against good edge rushers. I came away impressed. Just needs to be more consistent + put on weight. 6) Stephen Sullivan (TE/WR): He needs to develop his TE skills, but he looked talented + willing to block at the senior bowl. Can also line up as the big wr at times to fill in a Sanu-esque role. 6) Tanner Muse (LB). Tested incredibly well at the combine, but needs to improve as a football player. Special teams for now, but has the traits (if he can put on weight) to be a good LB down the road. Projected Depth Chart QB: Ryan/Schaub RB: Akers/Smith/Ollison/Green FB: Smith WR: Jones/Ridley/Gage/Blake/Zacheus/UDFA TE: Free Agent / Graham / Sullivan OL: Matthews/Gono/Mack/Lindstrom/McGary/Clark/Brown/Scwheitzer/Sambrailo DL: JPP/Grady/McCoy/Takk/Gross Matos/Clayborn/Cominsky/Means/Davidson/Senat LB: Jones/Foye/Pierre Louis/Grace/Muse CB: Trufant/Sheffield/Oliver/Miller/Robinson S: Keanu/Allen/Kazee/Wallace Well rounded team with development upside down the road + bettering our cap situation in the future. DL is significantly improve from last year, and the continued development of our young CBs will improve the secondary by default. Raheem Morris will pay dividends with these guys. Let me know your thoughts!
  2. Id make 2 trades. 1st package our 1st 4th + comp 5 to move up to grab our CB. There I'm thinking Gardner Johnson, Isiah Johnson or the penn state kid. 2nd package a 6th + comp 4th to move up and secure our DE. Austin Bryant pretty please. I'd settle for cominsky or Anthony Nelson. 5 is our dt. Chris Slayton or Rennell Wren 6 is lb: Ulysses grant 7 is bpa: punter, wes hills or jazz Ferguson
  3. Isn't a large portion of that money tied to him starting? So if he doesn't start and is a backup swing tackle the total $ drops a couple of million. Or am I misremembering? Basically we pay 5M for a starter or ~2 for a backup all on the same contract?