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  1. I think the coaches are going to reward the guy that busts his butt all the time and no one is going to outwork the Biermann. He's a monster on special teams as well so that's a plus. Matthews is supposed to be a guy that will go hard every play too so we'll see how he fits in.
  2. I'm hoping for Kendall Hunter next. 3rd down back - quick, good hands, and best of all GREAT PASS BLOCKER!
  3. I'm very surprised we pulled this move but I'm okay with it. I know many of you aren't so here's some things to consider. 1. There were 5 elite prospects in this draft - Peterson, Green, Jones, Dareus, and Miller. Everyone else was a step below these guys. We would have gladly traded up for any of them at 6 besides possibly Dareus. There was no clearcut guy at 27 so we went for one of the top prospects on our board. Unbelievable kahones to get up there and make it happen by TD. 2. Julio was not second fiddle to AJ. Would we have been happy with AJ? Of course. Are we happy with Julio? Absolutel
  4. My old high school was one of the ones that has to remove their mascot. It's ridiculous to me. I know FSU has better things to do than this. I agree with Xnex. Ban them from coming on campus.
  5. Haven't seen any news about a LB/DE candidate so I thought I'd throw a name out there. Randy Shannon. Great recruiter, has coached D-line and LB, has NFL experience. What do you think? It looks like he can't coach in conference without losing his buyout. My link
  6. QB Greyson Lambert? Do we have a shot?
  7. Any truth to the rumors that Ramik and Turene were very disappointed that Belin left? We just need to keep that positive momentum going.
  8. You could see it on the coaches face that they're tired. They've been killing it out there recruiting. Last year was awful to endure as a fan but I admire the way our coaching staff has pounded the pavement to bring new life into our program. Richt and co. are turning it around. Here's to an even better 2012 recruiting class!
  9. Can we get the info on the surprise commit now? The one I guess that didn't happen.
  10. Confirmed? It's not up on georgiadogs.com yet which may not be the best source.
  11. Have our coaches known about Logan transferring for awhile? Seems like they would have been planning for the extra scholly if they knew. Possibly why both X. Ward and Gadbois were offered? Just a guess.
  12. Speaking of dads. Have we given up on flipping X Dickson?
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