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  1. I don't post much but check in often, I heard rumor the other day of signing Hayden and could not confirm anywhere so I decieded to check here because the guys and gals here are usualy on top of things. At that point I clicked on my favorites link to this site and got this warning. I am now on another PC with Sophos security and it had no warning. Is anyone else experiencing problems? And mods are there any add on adware spyware here? And thank the lord for TD, Smith, and Blank. Below is copy of warning: Unsafe Website Detected The website you are attempting to view has been detected as unsafe
  2. All are good excuses but bottom line is that they lost because they went in, undersestimated thier opponent. They probably game planned for next week and thought that they could win by going to Seattle and use some "Thug" shove you around attitude. Because that's all the D did. All the O did the same old, go deep, Brees step up to avoid the rush and throw to checkdown. How many times can you go in with the same plan?
  3. As long as he keeps nailing FG's like he has, just leave it alone. If he kicks the winning FG in SB with that logo, I'll go out and buy one.
  4. Not to worry. Probably just the extra bile in his system from Monday night. Best way to feel better is go to full Predator mode and put the 3 red dots targeting Clausen's torso (no head shots) and rip him up. Get a big lead and let Davis work the rest.
  5. Great!, it is time for the leaders to step it up on this team. The defense could have put together a stellar effort and pulled out a win against the Saints if they had finished a couple more plays. The offense needs to step it up also. Not enough scoring to beat a team like the Saints. "I am not afraid of an army of lions led by sheep, I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion." -Alexander the Great
  6. Sorry we can't become a media darling without a national disaster like Katrina.
  7. Amen to the 4 game winning streak. This is when the big dogs come out and play. So if ya can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch.
  8. I'll agree with that 100%, but I would rather win by 14 or more. My doctor said that my blood pressure went up after the Saints game. I think we could all use an easy walk into the playoffs with 1st round bye.
  9. I heard he got a commercial deal with Head and Shoulders, like Polomalu. So the locks will be waving. No, realy who cares as long as he is concentrating on football and not something else like dog fighting.
  10. I would like to see HD used like Wes Welker. Those short crossing and irritating routes with a few more shots to Roddy and others deeper. I thought HD would blossom when Jenks came back and HD could move back to the slot.
  11. Adam "picked" Green Bay to go to Super Bowl at the start of the year. He's just trying to "save face and stick to his guns", since they wouldn't make it to the playoffs if the Bears actualy tried. He, to date, has bee very supportive of the Falcons during the time they have had the best record in NFC and every other commentator is looking for an excuse not to go with Atlanta. Doesn't matter anyway, this week is the Panthers and I don't believe the Falcons are overlooking this game. One game at a time is "part of the process."
  12. Most people would probably be offended if you didn't go after cheerleaders, from any team (except maybe the Aints). It's your duty to convert as many people as possible to Falcon fans. And if you have to date a Cowboy Cheerleader, just remember your taking one for the team, no matter how ugly she is. The real underlying problem is that there still are teams without cheerleaders like Pittsburgh. Com'on Man, get with it Rooney! etc.
  13. Elmo is just part of the process! Always go with the best brains, and Elmo is tops on that set. So Aints and Brees, you gotta go through Sugar Nips, the Ice Man and Elmo! and it aint gonna happen. Cause Elmo is rising up with the Falcons.
  14. I usualy reserve the right to worry about every opponent, but when I watched Clausen there was absolutely no fear. Can't help his jersey number, anyway it's the man behind the number that makes the number. And I'm glad we got Matty Ice.
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