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  1. he is an absolute beast when healthy and is still dominate when injured. didnt they say that he was a canidate for the heisman at one time?
  2. i have a feeling that i want dhall here but then i got one that says it will cost ALOT of money like 8M and we wont have any more money to get our rookies signed...
  3. yea.....welll matt ryan is REALLY OVERHYPED...those guys wernt. i dont think ther should be a QB that should even go in the first round at all....let alone the #3 pick...
  4. an obvious question but anywas....ill run down on to the field and hug everybody on the whole team...id prolly get taken away....but its worth it:D
  5. i dont see Hall coming back becuase we barely have over 15M to the salary and he will for sure be asking for 8-10M...
  6. here are our option DT or trade down maybe OT but we can get better value ther with OT than a DT
  7. ok aaron rodgers has been a buck up for bret farve dude....matt lynart is injured and has played maybe 10 games in his carrer...when u use names...make sure that you at least say that they havnt had enuf time...
  8. nice pic...yet that dude needs to seriuosly shave and ull prolly get kicked off for that
  9. sure lets have no DTs and have 3 first round DEs...SMART...next time post something worth being looked at...(im not even being mean)
  10. 1. Minn. vs ATL when vick went through those 2 players and they collided and we got to the playoffs...that was friggen sweet. 2. Sad moment-SB 3. another sad one-NFC Champ
  11. lol i no this is probably a bad place to say this but anyways...i HATE RAPrap= ******* Attempting Poetry
  12. 1. Mike Heuertz 2.Barry Sanders 3.Walter Payton 4.Emmit Smith 5.Earl Campell 6.Jim Brown 7.Eric Dickerson 8.Marshall Faulk 9.Marcus Allen 10.Ricky Williams(if he stayed in the NFL i think hed be here.)
  13. Sorry but if he had poor accuracy and poor arm strength he wouldn't even be drafted period. he does have and average arm and is a terrible desiscion maker...
  14. dude matt ryan is terrible u should prolly change ur name lol
  15. would anyone know why i cant request a friend?
  16. go to forum settings and then look on the far left side panel and by the bottom itll say change password
  17. im with u. im a Falcons fan as well and a Cornhusker and proud of it:)
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