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  1. Awww... He let hith boyfriend wear hith shirt. That is so thweet of him.
  2. Um.... Dan Reeves couldn't remember that he had a player he drafted on his team. So, that may not be the best example.
  3. Same guy requested "Piano Man" seven times in a row... He had it coming.
  4. What no one else laughed at this? Is Vern Troyer his mom?
  5. He would still out gain Dunn and would be hurt less than Norwood. Oh my god, that is true... I have to throw up now.
  6. I have never pondered this question before. I guess I don't look to other teams failures to make myself feel better about my beloved Falcons. (Ok, except for the pastel homopirate with a phallic symbol in his mouth. But that is just funny.)
  7. The thread doesn't count unless you tag it with "BREEKING NEWZ" or "UPDATE".
  8. I am not sure how I feel about Carroll, but if he can bring Kiffin with 'em? Bring him home GM to be named later! :hehe:
  9. I just hope Snyder doesn't target someone we're after! yea the more teams without coaches, the more competition we will have. Agreed! Snyder has a way of throwing his money around unlike any other owner...Cowher would not shock me even though he spurned Blank! i agree. nothing suprises me in the nfl anymore Snyder does what Blank used to be able to do and that is lure in people with his money! $$$$ + playoffs>>>>>>>>> $$$$$$$$$$ + 4 and 12 Redskins will have their pick of the litter
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