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  1. Yes, she scored more than our entire offense combined.
  2. Oh nurse, I speak ******! Let me translate: "I have nothing to say, so I think I will pass the time by getting banned."
  3. Do you think if he read here he would have ever taken the job?
  4. I think that's because Mora has already been told the Seattle job is his, once Holmgren retires, which may be this week. Oh, I know, but that does not change the fact that it is funny.
  5. Well, that is good for Tampa. I know their fans are often torn over Gruden, but this does give them stability.
  6. They did put the request in. The rule about Super Bowl week is that it can only be a second interview. And... Geez, this is exhausting. Is this really our fan base?
  7. He just described 90% of Buc fans at the Dome.
  8. Actually he would probably move more towards Flowery Branch. No traffic, decent schools, and quieter surroundings.
  9. You can tell it is TM when the only person who deserves to be in a high position is Romeo Crennel.
  10. Ummm... IN Blank's 7 years, the Falcons have been more nationally relevant than the rest of our history combined. And though things may not have worked out, you have to be a ##### not see how Blank has grown as an owner. It is easy to sit back and use hind sight. But since you obviously can't figure it out, let me break it down for you. His biggest mistake has been listening to the fans. They all said all we needed to make it to the Super Bowl was a #1 wr. So he spent big money on Price. Soon after, Reeves proved he couldn't win with out MV. So Blank realized that he needed a "footb
  11. THINK ABOUT IT! THE REAL HC CANDIDATES HAVE SAID NO ........ ALL THESE OTHERS WILL BE REBOUND CHOICES. Really? Other than Cowher, who have we actually offered the job to?
  12. Caldwell said no because he may be the HC in Indy by next week. Garrett said no because all he was really after is more money to begin with. We never even asked Pete Carroll. We just danced around it for about a week. Rex Ryan, Mike Singletary, Spagnola, Grimm, Schwartz. All still have not said no. If they aren't good candidates, tell me who that who is. Not to mention there are probably 4-5 candidates we may not even know about. The OC up at New england may even get talked into an interview. Ummm... How do you say no to a job that was never offered to you. Coaches have pulled their name
  13. Did anyone think that maybe Blank used Garrett to get back at Jones? People forget the Falcons never actually offered Garrett a job. While it was reported that the Ravens were on the verge of offering him a job, the Falcons merely offered him yet another interview.
  14. Buck Bugaloo. He blatantly stated as fact that McKay and Blank knew about the dogfighting. He has repeatedly stated his negative opinions of Blank as fact.
  15. I think with Vick out of the picture, Blank is in full rebuilding mode. He wants to be the next Patriots, and he knows that will take time. I am just happy to be along for the ride.
  16. Ummm.... PFT has been making wild speculations about the Falcons for years. They are batting about .250.
  17. Falco has heart. Miles and miles of heart!
  18. Ummm... Their franchise QB went down and they still made the playoffs? Their 2nd string whipped us when they had nothing to play for? Any of this ring a bell?
  19. Heckert's ability to draft for positions that WILL be a need instead of waiting until it is a need is what I like. I think the first step to consistancy is hiring Heckert.
  20. And don't forget, it was Parcells who leaked his story. All I see is Blank trying to be thorough in his search.
  21. Were you spoofing the Special Olympics essay competition?
  22. That is an outrage!!!!!!!!!!! No way Jigga is man enough to have peach fuzz on his lip.
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