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  1. Yeah, looks like we are going with a Steeler's blueprint.
  2. Jackson was using Petrinos playbook. All he was for those 3 games was a playcaller. True, but he made better decisions. Petrino was brought in because he had great plays.
  3. He also got demoted from HC to OC to TE coach.
  4. If Rome had any walNUTS, he would ask Wiley why is he the only person ever associated with Smitty saying this junk.
  5. Let slow down for you.... Black and white don't matter. Falcons' red is the only color that matters.
  6. Please wear red when at the Dome. THank you.
  7. It's funny, but what I have read about him is what gives me the confidence for him to motivate our team. He treats players with respect, but isn't afraid to get after them. I think that is what great players with greater egos need. They need to be held accountable, but not treated like poorly behaving children.
  8. I agree with that totally. I'm worried that if we don't have a dramatic turnaround this season, that some fans will start calling for his head. Hopefully Blank has learned his lesson and will at least give him a chance to turn things around. I think Blank really has. It seems he is going for the steak instead of the sizzle.
  9. I think, given time, we are on our way to building a winner. The only thing that might hold us back is a lack of patience.
  10. Yeah, just listen to the Dukes of Hazard theme song by Waylon Jennings. Good try though. Well listen to Tupac or NWA. Does that mean I can say.... Ummm... noooooooo.
  11. Oh my GOD!!!!! A good idea? On this board? Will wonders never cease.
  12. Wow. That is exactly opposite of what everyone else in the entire freakin' world says. I guess we better trust your source. (Which I am assuming is your crackdealer.)
  13. No one will ever top Robinson... unless he pays extra for it.
  14. You seem to know a lot about stalkers....... I have had a few. (Stalkers, not herpes...lol.)
  15. Be careful Shiney! I am sure he has built a shrine to you out of your lost socks and toe nail clippings. Stalkers are like kittens... with herpes.
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