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  1. Burn it to the ground to plant a better crop.
  2. I am tired of A+ on draft day and C three years later. Maybe we should be smart and give them time? Nah.. We're Falcon fans! Let's demand playoffs next year!
  3. I agree. For the past few years we have been trying to plug in one or two guys to get over the hump. Thank god we have scrapped that plan. We are now looking for long term success and not to be one year wonders.
  4. Cheating or no, there is no doubt that the Patriots have gotten more production for less money than any other team in the league.
  5. Then were the Falcons negligent as well? How did they lie to Vick? At what time did the Falcons defraud Vick? I don't see how the Falcons would be negligent.
  6. He's probably allowed to keep it because of the time travel problem. I think if the Falcons forfeit every game he played in, refund the season ticket holders for those seasons, refund their sponsors for those seasons, and generally lets pretend like the seasons didn't happen, it would be okay. Now, if the Falcons can't forfeit the games Vick played in, then why should they take back the money for the games Vick played in? They can't take back the benefit from 2005 and 2006, then they have to suffer the consequences of 2007. In plain terms, if he was in violation of his contract when he signe
  7. The only time a proven starting QB is on the open market is when he is coming off an injury. (i.e. Brees). And the fan base would storm Flowery Branch with torches and pitchforks if we signed yet another FA with a history of injuries. It will take time to rebuild, and no qb will provide the kind of quick fix some fans want. I say stick with Red and Shock. Let Leftfoot and Harrytongue go, and draft for the future.
  8. I hate to use the tired cliche of the phoenix, but I think a few years down the road it will ring true. We had to endure this to rid our team of gimmicks and gadgets. Now we can build a real team.
  9. I am undecided! Tell me where you got the pic of the red head, and then I will decide that it is not offensive!
  10. I don't care if all 10 home games are blacked, because I will be there. Yeah, I know I am weird. I support my team through thick and thin. Maybe I should have been a Chiefs fan. (I am just not rude enough to be an Eagles fan.)
  11. Are you sure his salary counts against the cap while he is on indefinite suspension?
  12. Which means we are building a staff that is on the same page from the GM down to the assistants' assistants.
  13. As sad as it is, I already use the names "TD" and "Smitty" in conversation.
  14. Any idea how much money 3 first rounders would cost?
  15. Yeah, I'd like to see Harrington in that competition Joey would have to chunk that rock twice to make 74. Twice? You are too kind. Watching Joey trying to go 74 yards would be like trying to watch a drunken monkey play a par 5 with a putter.
  16. Thanks Blank? I agree. Thank you Mr. Blank for realizing that gimmick and gadgets don't build long term success. Thank you Mr. Blank for having the courage to point this team in a direction that previous ownership never cared to. Thank you Mr. Blank for trying to appease a fickle fan base, and thank you for realizing they have no idea what they are talking about.
  17. Chris Scelfo is a very classy coach. Remember that Tulane, after Katrina, had to play all 11 games on the road. He kept that team together and fighting, even as many of their families and homes had been destroyed in the terrible flooding. Even though the university closed for the semester, the football team kept playing, as it was the only thing that many of them had left. Though he was fired the next season for having a loosing record, the job that he did in keeping the team together was truly remarkable. The only thing similar between Petrino and Scelfo is the fact that they are both col
  18. Redman looked pretty adequate behind swiss cheese. I wonder howhe would look behind a line that was just plain bad instead of extraholy bad.
  19. A secondary that loved to hit helped a lot. A lot of blown coverage was over come by wide outs looking over their shoulders.
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