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  1. Sweet! According to this article the Patriots and Giants have more needs than we do!
  2. There is a reason why this is happening... Everyone knows but you.
  3. I say do it!!!! An aging, injury prone, one-concussion-away-from-death qb is just what we need to rebuild this team.... Oh wait... Nevermind.
  4. He said he wishes there was a legitimate sports radio station in Atlanta instead of all these hacks. What, you don't enjoy hosts who are admitted Eagle, Giant, Patriot, and Steeler fans?
  5. OMFG...Dude, do not post on here unless you actually know what you are talking about. I am from Arkansas and have watched Darren for 3 years now. Not only does his strentgh make Bush look like my sisters he can out bench most lineman. Watch a few clips for yourself, he will take the most physical S from any school and lay the wood down hard and keep his same speed and pace while drinking a cup of coffee and talking on the phone. HIGHLIGHTS OF MCFADDEN! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZ-bTAHYCxo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcssslTgHBQ Good God, you people are slow. The statement was in re
  6. He got herpes from Mike Vick at a dogfight where he borrowed 3000 dollars from Reggies Bush's agent to pay off Matt Schaub for damages in a bar fight. He was the second gunman in Rae Curuth's trunk.
  7. Maybe it is time we leave Mike's pole alone.
  8. less physical? where did you get that from The cousin of a guy who is in the same cell block as Vick. Now that statement shows your stupidity, or is it ignorance, hatred oh what the **** you was just plain WRONG. Hahahhahahahaha.. poot... haha You must have missed the mexican gang report earlier today.
  9. less physical? where did you get that from Dont let the truth ruin his post.Some how dmc is less physical than bush. Actually it was joke in reference to the pro-DMC article. That is what his description reminds me of.
  10. less physical? where did you get that from The cousin of a guy who is in the same cell block as Vick.
  11. I keep hearing the FO and fans alike talking about playing "smashmouth" football. I think that is great, but you can't go half way. If you want to do it, then the only positions allowed to not to bring the wood is qb and wr. This begins with this years draft. If you must draft a running back, then get a bruiser. Think the real J Anderson or even TJ Duckett before he came down with a severe case of twinkle toes. Need a safety? Fine, but aim for a Milloy or (even though you won't find one) a Brian Dawkins type safety. When you are looking at film, look to see how long it takes an opponent
  12. Woohoo... A less physical Reggie Bush without Bush's hands.
  13. You are right! We need OL and DL more than New England did.
  14. All we need to do is make list of the available quarterbacks and ask the Bears to rank them from favorite to least favorite.... And then take their least favorite.
  15. My thought is that our fan base overflows with people who can't remember how things really were.
  16. And the bandwagon jumpers will claim they slipped Blank a note with Smitty and TD's names on it.
  17. If we can get a player that fills a need plus a first rounder, then I have no problem shipping my favorite player out of the division.
  18. Ummmm yeah. That is what TD and Smitty are for.
  19. I hope Blank can find a way to cut the pitiful johnny come lately fans. If you can't appreciate an owner who loves the team and the fans, then please go hop on someone else's bandwagon.
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