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  1. Not a problem. I am using her in my porn remake of Resident Evil. EDIT: A&E has just bought the rights and turned it into a tv show....... wait for it...... The Fqng Dead
  2. 1.Indeed. 2. So you are WPRW or just follow along with whatever crowd you're in. 3. We are not midgets, we just have unusually large heads for our heighth. If you would get off your knees, you would realize it is all about perspective.
  3. <iframe src="http://www.collegehumor.com/e/3980096" width="600" height="338" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen allowFullScreen></iframe> I like saying... I ... all the time.
  4. Good idea! My first wife keeps chipping her teeth on the one I gave her for Christmas.
  5. Yes your chum calling blue waffle can both ways.
  6. A punishing pun or unfortunate side effect... you decide.
  7. Are you serious? He would shed his snake so hard that his computer could file for flood damage. And then we would only have posts about Cam's shoelaces being the most loved laces in Des Moines every other weekend when his daddy has him.
  8. I actually mean this with all sincerity.... I hope Cam wins the cover for you and not because of the curse.
  9. Sorry, I stopped lactating so I don't pump my chest out for anyone. Second, you do make a good point. You didn't have to suffer through the pre-cap era with a horrible owner. Good to know you are aware you didn't have to pay your dues like fans of the other teams in the division. Three, you don't think ahead because you imply the Falcons should be embarassed because they were dominated by the 49'ers dynasty and then point out that the Panthers were dominated by what you call a "crap team". Fourth, and goal. Fifth, the amount of alcohol it would take to sterilize that thing under your nose. Ser
  10. And a season ticket holder to boot. If you make it, I will buy you one. And at our stadium I do mean ONE. Do you know how many hobo handies I have to give to buy one beer at the Dome? No seriously, I usually don't charge so I am not sure of the going rate.
  11. No, but I have had to deal with fans who act like they have a Lombardi after going 6-10. So you are right. It is better to be a Panther fan because you believe the boner vomit that dribbles out of their mouths instead of having to stare in wide eyed amazement at the hypocritical misguided turdlets they try to pass off as an opinion.
  12. Half a century? We haven't had to deal with Panther fans that long.
  13. It could comfort you while you vomit.
  14. Holy blue Batman???? Is that a gnarled vajayjay that talks like Adam West?
  15. The idea of Roddy with a pen and a napkin worries me. Couldn't imagine him on the show.
  16. While I thought it was obvious.... If it takes a little thought then it is downgraded to "Kinda obvious".
  17. Ohhhhh.... I thought the tsssshhhh was too positive a note. I thought it deserved more of a "ba dum.... aw frukkit."
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