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  1. True, but The dragQueen city would have gotten a hometown discount. Crump even said before the draft he hoped he would go to the Baby Blues.
  2. ugh whys he still here and yeah i think we got best homepage Because his team just dropped enough money for three Micheal Turners on an ok center.... And women laugh when they see his tiny peepee... And the Tampa Jean Short Conference was sold out... And the dentist refused to look at his remaining tooth... And because his Uncle dumped him for someone younger.
  3. Dunn was released because his contributions on and off the field were far less than the Falcons contributions to his bank account.
  4. Yes and no. If he goes to a better team (i.e. Kearney to Seattle) then he might do well, but the real question is what will he be doing 3 years from now. This is the question that we should ask of every major free agent signing.
  5. Do you mean Demarrio? Chiefs signed him.
  6. This is what "tickes" me off about our fans. This is the type of deal made by a desperate orginization hoping to find one or two players that will help them over the hump for a year. Your Atlanta Falcons are building something far more beautiful.
  7. We all know the Saints have gambled and lost on these injured players! Look at that Brees dude! Ummmm... Nevermind.
  9. I have a complete list of moves the Falcons will make today: Feel free to print that out.
  10. That formula worked for us so far.:P Yeah, remember when waited for the surge to end and the only cornerback left was Jason Webster? How did that work out?
  11. FINALLY! This started way back with Peerless Price. The media and the fans thought all we needed was a big time wide out. And Peerless appeared to be the best available. Now, people act like he signed Timmy the cripple. (Actually it was Dan Reeves doing the GM job, but Blank sold Price on the Falcons.)
  12. There were only seven words if you count the number. Which one is confusing? The title Oh, a play on words from Children of the Corn
  13. There were only seven words if you count the number. Which one is confusing?
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