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  1. Were you 12 during the 2legit2quit era? If so, then I understand.
  2. Sorry, I am not allowed on the short bus after I had that whole, "She told me she was memmenteen.." incident.
  3. LOL. This should be added to your signature, and every opinion that spills from your puddin stained fingers should have an astericks denoting it.
  4. Ankle sock. I have low flow since I was snipped.
  5. Maybe he will announce it on ESPN as a fund raiser for cub scouts.
  6. First of all, I log off everytime I look at LC's profile.... That is what we're calling it now right? Like, get me a sock cause I just logged off? Secondly, I had to say secondly because I started with first of all.
  7. You do realize this is the same fanbase that wanted DJ Shockley to start over Matt Ryan right? Look, I LOVE my team. But our stupid azz "fans" start the wave when we are on offense. You read that? The MarthFartha Wave! These folgerlovinmunkeyhumpers PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL like refugees from a Braves game and start contawhat wave on third michealjackson down!!!! I mean for the love of squash, these bastages don't know their head from a hole in mommas left zit.... Sorry, gotta little worked up. What were talking about?
  8. Next on a very special Life Goes On.... Occupy Corky
  9. High? No. A little slow maybe, but definitely not high.
  10. Yeah, but that one was more of caress. Maybe Ryan was saying, "Do you feel the cleat mark right there?"
  11. Yeah, sorry my original post was poorly worded. I meant TD pulled the trigger because of it being a great value not because he was worried about people complaining that the Falcons weren't doing anything.
  12. http://voices.yahoo.com/atlanta-falcons-acquire-asante-samuel-frugal-11283820.html?cat=14 Is the trade really more about being frugal than bringing in a big name?
  13. Ok, so I don't do picture humor, but was gonna try. So I binged "creepy homeless beard".... My favorite result: ihatemygynecologist.blogspot.com
  14. That looks nothing like me!!!!!!!! My beard is far more homeless looking than this guy's failed attempt at a Zod
  15. It was a make up emmy though. She was snubbed big time when she guest starred on Kate & Allie as Kate's vaginal wart in a very special episode.
  16. But I was thinking of the children! That is why y was stuck.
  17. Matt Ryan must be one sexy bish.
  18. Holy flarpin' buttsauce! You put a hole in it?!?!
  19. Wait... I thought the famous gravy episode was one of What's Happening when Rerun had to explain what made his gravy so good when they caught him humping the pot in the back of the diner? You know Shirley Hemphill won an emmy for that.
  20. I don't even remember how to tyyyyyyyyyyyyyyype with two hands... Sorry, got a little on the y and it sticks.
  21. Better than the one where Slater teaches Kellie how they can "be together" without her getting pregnant after eating KFC?
  22. I think LC is hot, but that doesn't mean I am going to start rooting for the Saints now does it? On a side note, if she had said Cam Newton was hot then Pox would have already posted 15 threads about it.
  23. It is like that time Mr. Belding helped Zach put GHB in Lisa's drink.... Just creepier.
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