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  1. http://voices.yahoo.com/senior-al-qaeda-member-killed-yemen-12-years-after-11318916.html?cat=9 Can you find the spot where my medication wore off?
  2. I love football. I love Star Wars. I can honestly say that you could lay an epileptic raccoon in mid fit on a keyboard and produce a better list.
  3. Yeah, I have a hard time figuring out which way to go sometimes. I submitted an article this morning that starts like an actual news article then races downhill into... well... my own stupidity.
  4. I didn't read the thread. How many times did the Patriots come up?
  5. Proof reading is my weakness. I tend to vomit on the keyboard and hit send... Just like here.
  6. This is what I have learned from writing... I am too liberal: http://news.yahoo.com/anders-behring-breiviks-norway-horror-provides-scary-road-172400222.html No... Wait... I am too conservative: http://voices.yahoo.com/trayvon-martin-case-claims-another-victim-without-11270908.html?cat=17 No... I am too both? http://voices.yahoo.com/epas-armendariz-resigns-revealing-crucify-comment-11297270.html?cat=9 Nobody cares what I think about God: http://voices.yahoo.com/understanding-godthrough-fathers-eyes-11306124.html?cat=25 But 40k people give a ish what I think about my car: http://voices.yahoo.com
  7. I am debating on writing an article on the funniest suicide attempt I ever saw (no joke), but that one might need to wait a few weeks.
  8. technically you already have. I ninja'd my first article in here...lol
  9. Thanks guys! As per being the face of ridicule, once you see my face... You will immediately recognize it from the dictionary under ridicule.
  10. I wash my puzzy, thank you very much.
  11. I have to be serious because my best article was rejected due to language, subject matter, and would look poorly on an entire corporation... so.....
  12. My biggest issue is that Vilma's supervisor encouraged and implemented this. And if what Steve Smith said is even remotely true... Then all the players have a case that they should not be punished. Which is a huge departure from when the Williams tape came out and I said this proves the players shouldn't be punished.
  13. I recently started publishing articles, and I need some critiques. Would anyone mind if I occasionly posted some here for input on style and readability?
  14. I am not sure. Ryan came into the league with a gunslinger mentality and is now a qb so worried about making mistakes that he can not even slide correctly. I wonder sometimes if he ever will be able to shake that. That is why qb's like Romo are better right now.
  15. Does this go deeper than poor wording? http://voices.yahoo.com/epas-armendariz-resigns-revealing-crucify-comment-11297270.html?cat=9
  16. An article about the visit... http://voices.yahoo.com/obama-afghanistan-draws-political-fire-11301528.html?cat=9
  17. Lol. I hope that comforted you as Super Cam choked his way to double digit losses. I seem to remember one of those was at BOA. Hmm... Cam put up great numbers in the first half, but when it counted it....
  18. Why would I be mad? Cam also managed to do something Matt Ryan still hasn't done! Have a losing season
  19. You see here is where you lose credibility with me. Are you saying that Romo and Ryan were in the same scheme? Are you saying scheme and playbook have no influence on the results?
  20. So to sum it up, every other person on the list doesn't deserve it because your qb wasn't ranked high enough?
  21. Yes, Ryan will never be the running back Cam is.
  22. Could it be that the players take things like scheme and situational play into consdieration? Or did Romo play for a run first, 1983 style offense that shut down after the first half?
  23. If Ryan was rated over Brees I wouldn't touch the list because I would be afraid of that amount of stupidity might be contagious. Second, I never said Ryan was better than Romo. My response was to the statement I quoted.
  24. How dare you Mr. President! I will not tolerate your inability to recognize Lobo! I shall smite thee with e-cooties before pulling my e-gat and blasting your e-face,
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