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  1. It seems like for every one person that is horrorfied by it, there is another player who thinks it is trivial. Frankly, I think we have been bashed in the head with this story to the point nobody will care by game 6.
  2. Actually, I had to censor myself. I knew the line about what you can or can not put in her sister wouldn't fly.
  3. Ummm.... I doubt he really broke down each game. So it is just a guesstimate to be taken with a grain of salt. But, I do appreciate you posting it because I don't get to listen to the radio in the office anymore.
  4. Ok, last one. While the article had to be severely censored, I thought that it was funny that this was put under "relationships" and not humor. http://voices.yahoo.com/hard-earned-hints-first-marriage-11310622.html?cat=41
  5. Ahhh... The fastball special Ok, I think I reached my geek quota for the day.
  6. Hopefully this signifies a new direction on offense more than casting off an injured player.
  7. I think it would definitely start out in the Bucs and Panthers favor, but then our ace in the hole acehole, Steve Smith would start knocing out his own teammates to give us the win.
  8. Just because I brought up Tony Curtis, his buttocks, and bath houses all in one day doesn't mean anything! Does anyone know where I can get one of those doughnut cushions?
  9. I think it was the way he handled the Hulk that really sold me. I was worried that they might weaken him just to punish us for something Eric Bana did.
  10. Can we change the title of this thread? I keep thinking I signed back into bathhouse.com It is not a home improvement forum! Those lying bastages I met in a bathroom stall at Home Depot. (Yeah straight pimpin for my man Mistuh Blank! He straight from Allanner)
  11. No, the NFL with their silly rules and silly network are beneath him.
  12. Do you mind if I start an online petition to force him to legally change his name to that?
  13. Pretty awesome? PRETTY awesome? You are dead to me. Ok, so I might have enjoyed the film more than most.
  14. He's a little more Luke than Annikan.
  15. You just took Tony Curtis up the buttocks. +2 Charisma
  16. It will be a free dlc that will provide more insight to the end.
  17. Let's just say I wasn't sure if James was giving me a nickname or a pet name.
  18. And that was kind of the point of the article. How the hype over it caused someone who was not a homophobe to play the game like he was. And in the end, I felt very sorry for anyone who lives like that.
  19. Are you going to replay the end when they release the new ending?
  20. There are certain characters that can have same sex relationships. First play through, I got a little worried about how to respond sometimes. Half way through I had to scrap it and start over.
  21. Thanks. I got a little gunshy after being admonished and rejected on an article about virtual homophobia in Mass Effect 3
  22. Didn't you know the Death Star was a convertible?
  23. Ding ding ding! You've just won a year supply of sailboat fuel!
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