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  1. You could tell by his smile he had Cam in his mouth.
  2. The gayest week ever? http://voices.yahoo.com/the-news-stays-gay-vice-president-biden-apologizes-11337174.html?cat=9
  3. You knew it wouldn't take long for me to turn the news into a gay joke: http://voices.yahoo.com/the-news-stays-gay-vice-president-biden-apologizes-11337174.html?cat=9
  4. I agree. The 3d is really more for depth than cheesy in your face effects. And given the huge scale of the film, 3d is so worth it.
  5. Make sure you pimp your sound system too.
  6. She is probably down for the "blow for blow" program.
  7. I liked the sequel better: Why Did I Get Marriied... To The Hooker Who Gave Me AIDS? Although, replacing Julia Roberts with Calista Flockhart really sold the angle, I don't think she was as charasmatic in the sequel.
  8. According to the list, Saints better hope they don't play the Saints in the post season or the Saints are going to lose.
  9. You marflesaucin bastage!!!!!! You tricked me into posting in TATF!!!!!!!!! I haven't felt this dirty since John Travolta asked me to rub some lotion on his back.
  10. I personally shave my ballsack to look like a cultist so that I can play Kumbayah on my weiner guitar when RC has our weekly Open Mindedness and Ice Sculpture breakfast. And yes rivals love my weiner guitar even though it has a Falcon sticker on it.
  11. He is waiting on the ones with the liqiud center that is Cam flavored.
  12. My son has really helped me rediscover the Hulk. The new animated movies like Planet Hulk and Hulk Vs. are really good.
  13. Ok, so this is the review I had published: http://voices.yahoo.com/marvels-avengers-hulk-philes-rejoice-11318962.html?cat=7 It is mainly about the Hulk.
  14. Can't you stalk LC like every swinging lincoln in here!!!!! She already expressed her distaste for reeces in another thread,
  15. lol Well, I just tell the girls it's a beauty mark and I can give them one too
  16. I think you may have completed that list, sir.
  17. ah, as in it comes and it goes, very painful, or wears a green number 7 jersey?
  18. Wait... There are four o-lines worse than we are? God, I hope we play them!
  19. I think even liberals will be concerned over the leaks. http://voices.yahoo.com/al-qaedas-undetectable-bomb-plot-might-politically-11328338.html?cat=9
  20. Oh I agree. But I have to be family frindly, and that is kinda hard sometimes.
  21. mainly just that and on number three I wanted to put "if her ****** smells like bacon" and "if she comes home one night from a girls' night out, demands an immediate game of full penetration leap frog with no protection" you might want to investigate. But I figured that my delay my assignment.
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