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  1. Maybe he can troll for some while he explains to E29 why he has to eat the cracker.
  2. Go ahead. They say everything tastes better on a Ritz. Let me know if that is true.
  3. I don't believe either of us have the time for me to start listing things.
  4. Because the first list just said "Romo" seven times. So they scrapped it and went a different direction.
  5. Shut up and eat the cracker.
  6. Ok, I will play along. You know waaaay more about Tony Romo than I do, so I have a couple of questions.... And these aren't actually jokes. I am too lazy to look it up. 1. How many years did Tony Romo have to play in a Mike Mularkey style offense? 2. How many playoff losses to eventual Super Bowl champions did Romo have? This way, we have some context for your stats.
  7. I used to watch CSI, so I know what Furries are. I just meant that I was down to white wash the cosplay girls dental dam, but I was not down to stump pump a plush unicorn.
  8. And... you.... lost me... Wait... I like an unshaved bonewarmer sometimes. Does that count?
  9. I would keep it. The other Yoda is not as pizzed off as yours.
  10. My popcorn never tasted better. Side note, I will be attending the Nergasm VI in Orlando in August. I will do a hottie with low self esteem count and report when I get back.
  11. Wow!!!!! This changes everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I now no longer care.
  12. Saw it again but in Imax 3D. Just wow.
  13. Does this mean we should treat football players like children?
  14. You realize that if fans didn't speak out of school and claim they know about teams they know nothing about, then this forum would be filled with bad jokes and movie reviews right?
  15. A look at the timing of the latest anti-Romney ad http://voices.yahoo.com/is-obama-hoping-jp-morgans-loss-his-political-gain-11349892.html?cat=9
  16. Ok, I will get the football version started.... If you are wearing a jersey to a game, but for a team that isn't even playing, then hike your knuckles into your snout.
  17. I punch myself in the face every morning I wake up. I really have to start peeing before I go to sleep.
  18. First of all, I love trailer park women. They always smoke and they always poke. And she looks constipated because she had it pushed back in a la Training Day. Thirdly, I will take non-airbrushed over airbrushed any day.
  19. My daughter chose this movie Friday over going to the Avengers... I can't judge because I kept thinking about the Avengers was on Imax next door. **** teenagers and their Johnny Depths
  20. I almost went to see it. It opened at 3pm and theater pulled it by 5:15.
  21. Ok, so I wrote this: http://voices.yahoo.com/should-punch-yourself-face-11333198.html?cat=47 How about a football version? What are the signs a football fan should?
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