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  1. An article about the positives of Curtis Lofton moving on http://voices.yahoo.com/atlanta-falcons-2012-departure-lofton-a-11406552.html?cat=14
  2. The ruling on DoMA doesn't change anything. http://voices.yahoo.com/defense-marriage-act-ruled-unconstitutional-yet-11411584.html?cat=17
  3. Here is my fave: http://voices.yahoo.com/11-seconds-glory-atlanta-falcon-matt-ryans-finest-11394168.html?cat=9 Who else has got favorite?
  4. My personal fave: http://voices.yahoo.com/11-seconds-glory-atlanta-falcon-matt-ryans-finest-11394168.html?cat=9
  5. All we heard last year was how great his attitude was and how humble he was. So, everyone bought the hype but Cam?
  6. Unfortunately, this poll was taken at the Georgia Dome last year.
  7. Even worse than the one where you urinate tiny poisonous catfish for two weeks then your yarbles falls off? Let me tell you, it takes more than duct tape to fix it.
  8. Because I was combining 37454415 posts in my head and I forgot my aderalll I know is that the post office closes around 400 marbles are under my desk in school was blue I think about her some times the root of x is equal rights is a phrase of ten rebounds and three assists in applying the restraining bolt was a cheesy movie. Romo.
  9. I like your boots! They look elaborate.
  10. Yeah, if you don't wash them before fuccing they can make you sick. Personally I find a couple run throughs the old washing machine with a little tide works best.
  11. Run and gun with Jeff George. There is your Romo. Thank you drive through.
  12. I love that movie! Of course, the lightsaber duel helped when I was a kid.
  13. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/15/Oderus-urungus-04.jpg
  14. Pick the right teet, getta prize.
  15. Don't stand... Don't stand... Don't stand so close to meeeeee.. in Dune... eeeeeeeee
  16. I still unzip every time I go to a podium. Just in case.
  17. Woohoo! She is going next to my sticky pics of Marge Schott!
  18. Next thing you know you will be claiming that you don't like it when an unshaved roastbeef sandwhich already has sauce on it. I don't even know you any more.
  19. What? You don't like breasts with big blue veins that look like some post war subway map?
  20. I thought he was trolling for the man card that gets you in to the Blue Oyster Bar with no cover charge.
  21. Oh my flarblegarble! Are you getting a sense of humor? Well done sir.
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