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  1. No, the mini Rolos called to me every time I walked by.... And I walked by a lot.
  2. May your wife pamper you by letting you give her a cocktail.
  3. Yeah, she said she didn't want to see me anymore so I poked her in the eyes.
  4. Yeah, wouldn't make a lot of sense though.... Jesus was never one and done.
  5. Does Easter prove that God hates diabetics? Just woke up from coma.
  6. Woohooo! Blasphemy hat trick!!!!!! Even I am impressed.
  7. No, I just think Saint fans are defending themselves in the wrong way. The "everybody does it" defense rings hollow. Defensive players have to be mean when they hit the field. So I don't blame Vilma for offering a bounty. But when the front office and head coach create an enviroment that allows and maybe even incourages someone like Williams, then there is an issue. Whether Payton knew before the first time he was told to stop matters less than the second and third time.
  8. Ummmm..... You are using Dhall to defend your actions? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha..huuuuuuuhhhhhh....hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahabanananahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  9. Oh baby yooouuuuu.... you say he's just a freind, you say he's just a friend
  10. Coulda been worse... He could have said he gave the bjs.... As in blue jean shorts.... What did you think I meant? Oh you sick sumphalump
  11. Meh... She's just not the same since she has grown that mustache.
  12. I think it is in the dictionary. I don't know, I have never seen any.... Now let me get back to these pictures of firls guckin'.
  13. Well, Bobby is smart. Always make sure you have another job before you leave one.
  14. When I played 87 years ago, we were taught to tackle in the strike zone. From above the knee to the middle of the chest. On a different note, why is it that players on defense talk about the NFL going soft and then cry like little babies when they talk about Heinz Ward?
  15. Yeah football players are known to be tiny targets with giant heads and knees. Take a away the top half? When did thighs, hips, stomach, ribs, backs, chests, and should become off limits?
  16. GB called Atlanta dirty because they blocked too long not because our defense was aiming for someone's acl. But hey, what do facts mean to a Saints fan?
  17. I never said you defended him. I just said he agreed with the post you quoted. Calm down Francis. Besides, wasn't the city of New Orleans built on scandal?
  18. DBag for comedic effect? Yes Troll? no Kind of like JB before he got all bitter. (I kid I kid)
  19. Lol.... If he gets preggers, I will start calling him Superman.
  20. Thank you for wiping your seed off that picture before you posted it.
  21. Actually, this puts the NFLPA in a tough spot. Do you turn your back on the offensive players to shield the defensive players from punishment or do you turn your back on the defensive players in the name of player safety (which is code for "future litigation")
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