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  1. Not sure it was worthy of the tsssshhh. Definitely the ba dum, but not the tssshhhh.
  2. I thought I had caught some e-feelings but it was just a virus.
  3. No Vick is health nut. He adds his own cottage cheese to his blue waffles.
  4. Hmmmm.... Trying to figure out where this puts LC on a stalker scale. Dinner<Custom Jersey<Basket of lotions and perserved bodily fluids
  5. If you really believe (and I know a lot of Saint fans do) that the NFL has it in for the Saints, then you are completely and hopelessly out of touch with reality.
  6. Hmmmm.... YahooAnswers... naaah... WikiAnswers..... naaaah.... Unknown website with pics? Sure, I bet they have the answer!
  8. rahrahblarbleblarblefargingarblesauce.
  9. Dammit! Where is Falconman? Shouldn't he be swooping in and dropping in a gif of Henry Winkler about now?
  10. Saints Anger Misplaced Found it! It was under the couch stuck to peep. Might wanna wash it off.
  11. Is that last line a refernce to a movie that I will be embarrassed that I didn't get, or did you just forget what day it is?
  12. If the Saints are smart they will keep it in house. No need to turn the season into more of a spectacle than they will already have to endure.
  13. Actually Williams would be more like, "When I say "take out a 9mm and aim for his left eye so that if he survives he will still be blind because in my report he has 20/30 in his left eye but 20/80 in his right eye" it just means to wrap him up before trying to go for the ball."
  14. Why stewardess, I speak jive. Let me translate: WAAAAAAH is the standardized internet response for, "While you may be factually correct yet can provide no video evidence back up such statements, then I do not have to defend myself. Instead I shall offer a small phrase to mock you instead."
  15. What I took from the appeal was this.... Goodell basically said, "If you can prove that you don't think that you are bigger than the league and that the rules actually apply to you not just the 31 other teams, then I will show a teeny tiny bit of mercy." Payton assured him he would have no contact with the team and then ran to wal mart to buy everyone unregistered cell phones.
  16. Not really, but if you would have seen a puppy drinking beer while he ran over the garbage man with his own truck.... That would have been comedy gold!
  17. Pox will a winning record no matter what the standings say.
  18. I am not saying she was large, but her vajayjay had its own HOV lane.
  19. Oh she would let me poke her elsewhere, but the line was too long.
  20. I don't want to get involved in the is mess, but doesn't Jason stay pretty focused?
  21. Honestly, I doubt this would be a big deal to me if Saints fans had been able to admit they got away with some shots on Farve in the NFCCG. Their refusal to admit to even the most obvious of situations is what makes this so much fun to debate.
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