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  1. I watched that 2008 season again. He was better last year and better this year as well. You guys keep referencing that season like he was Peyton Jr. but he basically the same player he was in 2009 as in 2008.

    Do you remember the huge brass ones that Ryan displayed in New Orleans during 2008? His fake hand off where he completely let go of the ball in order to sell it? I think Murlarkey did his best to coach that out of him, but I see it coming back.

  2. Lofton was in on 12 tackles (9 solo) which was more than anyone else on D. Through four games, he's the leading tackler as expected. Many of those, including a few this past week, were for losses or very short gains.

    Are you sure you're being objective?

    I can not be objective because:

    1. There is nothing funny about a team starting 0-4.

    2. The Saints have been in every game so it is hard to say they suck.

    3. Curtis Lofton is a great MLB

    4. I hold no resentment towards Mr. Lofton for going to a division rival.

    5. I would like to build a goldfish pond from Lofton's tears as learns about Karma. His comments about going to a team that knows how win and has real fans may come back to bite him.

  3. You consider being "civil" never saying anything negative about Ryan. Sorry, thats not going to happen.

    Was I wrong about his arm strength? Yes. Was the 60 yard pass accurate? No.

    So he still has things to work on, but I admitted that I was wrong about his arm.

    He showed me his arm strength and that hes clutch today. So you can say that he disproved 2 of the negatives I saw in him today, but Im never going to be on his nuts like you all are. I just came to realize I was wrong about a couple things today.

    I feel about Ryan like you feel about Romo. No matter what he does, Ill never be a fan.

    This may be the best post I have ever read. Bravo, sir.

  4. Great way to get some hits on your article wink.png

    I wouldn't include the 2004 and 2010 NFC South championships unless you included all of the years we won it. Since a lot of the article is a historical team profile, I would include all of the Division titles or none of them (we won the Division in 1980 and 1998 as well). I would also remove the "lifelong fan" portion from your signature. It will make people assume you are a homer and not an unbiased writer.

    Yeah, I wasn't sure how much of the NFC West history to include. And Yahoo requires all freelance writers to show fan affiliation.

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