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  1. I think this article says it all Falcons Intercept Brees Division
  2. As weird as it sounds, I think yesterday proved we have turned a corner... Ugly Win Shows Heart
  3. Do you remember the huge brass ones that Ryan displayed in New Orleans during 2008? His fake hand off where he completely let go of the ball in order to sell it? I think Murlarkey did his best to coach that out of him, but I see it coming back.
  4. Technically, I think Matt Ryan is regressing... And that is good. Here is why: Atlanta Falcons 2012: Matt Ryan is Actually Regressing:
  5. I can not be objective because: 1. There is nothing funny about a team starting 0-4. 2. The Saints have been in every game so it is hard to say they suck. 3. Curtis Lofton is a great MLB 4. I hold no resentment towards Mr. Lofton for going to a division rival. 5. I would like to build a goldfish pond from Lofton's tears as learns about Karma. His comments about going to a team that knows how win and has real fans may come back to bite him.
  6. The weird part is that when we got the ball back on the 1, everyone in my section was like "we got this." Never thought I would see the day where we Falcon fans would feel that way.
  7. That is why he racked up so many yards. Instead of straight downhill, he was swerving!
  8. This may be the best post I have ever read. Bravo, sir.
  9. A fist pump or two fingers in the air is the only acceptable celebration until a qb wins a Super Bowl. Then? He can perform a full on pole dance surrounded by midgets playing his favorite song on the sitar for all I care.
  10. DON'T PANIC!!!!!!! Just wait until the offseason when he claims, yet again, that he is finally taking the game serious!
  11. My prayers are with you. I have been there when it comes to nasty custody battles. Keep your head up.
  12. Yeah, I wasn't sure how much of the NFC West history to include. And Yahoo requires all freelance writers to show fan affiliation.
  13. This is the first Atlanta Falcons article I have had published officially on Yahoo Sports. I was limited to a word count, so some things had to be left out. What should have been there that isn't? Atlanta Falcons: NFL Team Profile
  14. This is an article that I published on Yahoo. May be, it is just me.... http://voices.yahoo.com/atlanta-falcons-2012-keith-brookings-return-fans-perspective-11648550.html?cat=14
  15. Technically, this is an NFL article, bt it is written from a Falcon fan perspective. 5 Reasons To Attend Preseason Games
  16. This was published on Yahoo Sports 25 Reasons Being A Bulldog Fan Rocks
  17. And not one "that's what she said" remark?
  18. This writing stuff has turned into a low paying second job. You wouldn't believe the amount of sourcing and fact checking short articles take.
  19. An article about players in Falcons secondary with something to prove this year.... http://voices.yahoo.com/2012-atlanta-falcons-building-big-chip-secondarys-11551694.html?cat=14
  20. An article I wrote on Koetter bringing the O up to date http://voices.yahoo.com/atlanta-falcons-oc-dirk-koetter-brings-excitement-11441210.html
  21. Looks like Clinton is still better at campaigning than either candidate http://voices.yahoo.com/bill-clinton-predicts-calamitous-eurozone-economy-11428082.html?cat=9
  22. Better than *blow* I guess.
  23. The good, the bad, the D. Hall http://voices.yahoo.com/atlanta-falcons-2012-will-samuels-swagger-good-11423672.html?cat=9 I hope no one minds me posting these articles here.
  24. I think it just might be... http://voices.yahoo.com/article/9566942/preseason-grudge-match-atlanta-falcons-vs-jacksonville-11402476.html?cat=14
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