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  1. I don't watch much College football....but, why did the Birds select Renfree over Bray? I personally wanted Dysert but he was picked up by the Broncos. D@mn Elway.
  2. Agreed. Everyone freaks out when moves like these are made. I believe in TD. We wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for him and his smooth moves. I bet Abraham tests the market and comes right back. We get an explosive back like Turner WAS when he came from San Diego. And we have a DB who won't **** near kill himself when he tackles.
  3. That play made me sooo happy. My wife was giving me crazy looks because of the way I was jumping up and down, and yelling. By the way, I wonder how Jamaal Anderson is doing? Lol.
  4. So I'm guessing that you guys will be almost suicidal if they go 0-2 huh? Sheesh.
  5. In there like swimwear....thanks for taking the initiative.
  6. 1. McNabb's Eagles 2. Joe Horn's Saints 3. Bucs 4. Drew Brees' Saints 5. Tom Brady's Patriots Dishonorable mention: Elway's Broncos
  7. Yea, I had to shake my head at the predictions too. It's like Lombardi does not want to show ATL the love it deserves.
  8. I could use more Falcons fans on my timeline, I instantly follow back. @HoodRulezApply
  9. Ok, I figured as much but I didn't see any reports on any of the sport sites. Thanks.
  10. Poor Denver if they do. I hope they put a clause in there to make him a DT....because he did nada for us at DE.
  11. My apologies if this is a repost but the search is disabled. Um, where is Brian Finneran? I don't see him on the roster list. Can somebody fill me in? Thanks.
  12. Yea, I was thinking the exact same thing last night. Bob Papa needs to stay covering Boxing. Joe Theismann is just a pure hater.
  13. Very good point. A friend of mine went to dinner with him not too long ago and say that HD is frustrated how they are using him this year. He added that they are not giving the proper routes because they are afraid that he will hurt himself again. I was happy to see them get him involved last night. I'm with the OP, just give him time and he'll be premier like Roddy is now.
  14. For Slamee101: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TromTNfj1u8
  15. Dear Matthew Berry, The Ravens?? Really?! Sincerely, I Am Legend
  16. Yea that was a lil overboard, but still kinda funny. It has nothing on the Miami/New England commercial though. That one was a good one. "Whoops"
  17. Yea, I had to give the applaud after I heard that quote. Too bad D-Fall got a pick not too soon after that.
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