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  1. I don't watch much College football....but, why did the Birds select Renfree over Bray? I personally wanted Dysert but he was picked up by the Broncos. D@mn Elway.
  2. Agreed. Everyone freaks out when moves like these are made. I believe in TD. We wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for him and his smooth moves. I bet Abraham tests the market and comes right back. We get an explosive back like Turner WAS when he came from San Diego. And we have a DB who won't **** near kill himself when he tackles.
  3. That play made me sooo happy. My wife was giving me crazy looks because of the way I was jumping up and down, and yelling. By the way, I wonder how Jamaal Anderson is doing? Lol.
  4. So I'm guessing that you guys will be almost suicidal if they go 0-2 huh? Sheesh.
  5. In there like swimwear....thanks for taking the initiative.
  6. 1. McNabb's Eagles 2. Joe Horn's Saints 3. Bucs 4. Drew Brees' Saints 5. Tom Brady's Patriots Dishonorable mention: Elway's Broncos
  7. Yea, I had to shake my head at the predictions too. It's like Lombardi does not want to show ATL the love it deserves.
  8. I could use more Falcons fans on my timeline, I instantly follow back. @HoodRulezApply
  9. Ok, I figured as much but I didn't see any reports on any of the sport sites. Thanks.
  10. Poor Denver if they do. I hope they put a clause in there to make him a DT....because he did nada for us at DE.
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