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  1. if redmen tried to teach him anything i'll cry he will make him worse if anything
  2. i would like to see us try to go with the 1 - 2 punch with turner and norwood and go for an o line men in the 1st and 2nd and grab a DT with our other 2nd rounder then grab a QB unless we are looking to get quinn yes no maybe?
  3. i want warrick to retire as a falcon
  4. i honestly don't want to see him go...but i hope we get a good deal and i beleive we will do really well in the draft but **** were gonna have a young team..
  5. hopefully ray lewis and ed reed will come too....yeah
  6. thank the lord someone has the same view as me thank you
  7. redman is not and never will be the answer...and redman isn't going to mentor any new QB or any QB ever...we need to draft a QB get him in there as soon as possible and start the build the team around him...redman is going to start off the year horrible and were not gonna have an answer if we don't draft a QB first round
  8. if troy smith started for the ravens all year he would have won more then 4 games if you saw the way he played when he stepped in...matt ryan could do the same thing just gotta have faith ha
  9. if we draft matt ryan and he starts and doesn't win more then four games i will give you a million dollars
  10. if we draft matt ryan and he starts...you honestly think he wouldn't win more then 4 games...your a **** ******
  11. matt ryan would win more games then any joey byron and redmen...i would rather have ryan over mcfadden
  12. because he throws 30 40 50 times a game every game he has pressure to make plays on every drive
  13. why would he want to come back after he was fired anyways oh sorry dan i didn't mean it you can come back...no sorry won't happen even if he was worth bringing back
  14. i see most of you guys want Darren McFadden...why do you want darren when you have dunn coming back next season and norwood averaging 6 yards a carry....6 YARDS A CARRY...if we get him trained to be an every down back since warrick will retire soon we don't need to waste a pick on mcfadden...if petrino knew how to coach he would have made a one two punch with dunn and norwood... matt ryan has the potential to be the true replacement for vick...if you watched him play he leads BC to wins without a running game and mostly ****** receivers...he will go buck wild with roddy white and crumpler and
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