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  1. I want to win it by recovering an onside kick. don't care who kicks it, I just want THAT to be done, in plain sight where quinn can see it, and it be the determining factor of us winning
  2. you're either in denial, or you really weren't paying attention for the three months right before the draft, yes there were some who expected any of those would come in and be an immediate upgrade over Matt Ryan AKA Noodle Arm
  3. well for all those who wanted to replace Ryan with one of those, this years stats are completely fair aren't they? because they wanted these guys this year....
  4. none of us in this thread are saying he has a cannon either, this whole thing was a diss on the haters and 'noodle arm' commentators not just for this year but for his whole career. those people know who they are, if you have been/are one of those, then you know if the arrow hit the target
  5. it's almost like the players had a circle on the field only they could see, like we get the first down line on TV they can't see..... a swap off maybe?
  6. and then watch him sit in jail the next few years and be suspended by the league, LOL
  7. lost it? I thought there were quite a few around here who never thought he had one to start with, LOL
  8. but but but......Dear Ole Justin had such a terrific day yesterday, eh??
  9. well, but typically, when someone around here references 'cheeks' they aren't intended to imagine them looking that nice, imagine chubby grandpa in a thong..... now you can't unsee that, even if you did just picture it in your mind, LMAO
  10. that's kind of the point "cheeks" isn't referring to the ones on each side of the nose
  11. I think the code word the last few years has been "cheeks"
  12. and notice he only took one step to throw it 50+ yards in the air
  13. actually, the NFL highlights for the game say it was 49 yards, and Matt was on the ATL 45 when he threw it, gage was inside the five, I still say 3 yard line EDIT: was going to post a link to it for ya, but Don got it above
  14. he hit gage on about the 3 and he fell into the endzone, so it was mostly pass, and of course the ball was on the 45, but Matt was what, maybe 7-8 yards deep, maybe a bit more? so yeah, if that's what you're asking, the ball was 40+ yards in the air
  15. any writer who doesn't bother to check to make sure he has the names correct when he's listing potential options just lost me. Esp if it's in the first group of players. besides the fact it's WAY too early to even start this, we're not even at the trade deadline, we've only played 5 of 17 games and there's always the possibility of someone getting hurt, or another team offering us too much to refuse for someone... I stopped reading really early in this one, LOL
  16. and just before last call, she'll realize she hasn't had enough to drink and slap us in the face before storming out
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