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  1. I almost hope he's there at four and we take trask or mond instead....talk about heads EXPLODING
  2. meaning what exactly? my post wasn't aimed at you, I was SHARING the loot for ALL the trolls
  3. yeah I'd like to see the whole video too oh wait, you weren't talking about the cat jumping video were you...
  4. dang the flashback! "if you don't pay attention, you get detention" 🤔 had a high school teacher who thought she was an Oprah impersonator "YOU get detention and YOU get detention and YOU get detention.....
  5. sometimes you have to wonder if some of these posters aren't members of all 32 teams forums.... helps them with their trolling, you KNOW some of em aren't smart enough on their own to come up with some of the stuff we see
  6. yeah Kyle's not a complete waste, besides improving Matt's footwork, he can always be used as a bad example: "this is what happens when you stay too aggressive and don't run three times and kick a field goal"
  7. Well, it’s Wyche. You get horse squeeze from a horse’s backside.
  8. I disagree, there's nothing hypothetical about that being absurd
  9. I think since the team is owned by King Arthur, they figure they better not make comments about the queen, no matter what number she is in line
  10. you're really talking about @JDaveG aren't you....
  11. definitely on the downhill side, which sucks, cause if you fall, you have a great chance of getting there quicker
  12. so you're saying, if you say 'rise up' you're not necessarily talking to the football team??
  13. I was being nice, you should have seen what I backspaced out, LOL
  14. pick a year, any of 'em. now realize, there are 30 other teams besides us that didn't win a ring. Matt's NOT the problem, no matter how much you dislike him. pitiful coaching, defense and special teams ALL play their particular parts, but nah, you don't wanna hear (or read) actual facts
  15. If what Trask did against all SEC competition this year doesn't make some like him, they're just blind. I'd love to pick him up, but I don't think he makes it out of the first round, and I don't want to trade back up to get him
  16. Cut, trade, leave as it was or hire a hit man. There, FOUR choices for you
  17. I overdid it Friday and didn’t get much rest, so besides how bad my mind usually works....
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