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  1. we're all gonna go one day. I hope I'm doing something I enjoy and not just laying waiting to die.
  2. nah, I said they were fugly, and I'm stickin to it, they're fugly. the font is definitely the worst part though I'll give you that
  3. was it aimed at me? cause I didn't like em then, and I don't like em now..... I will say I don't care if they all do cosplay and wear something different every week if they win though
  4. wait what???? you don't think I have a sense of humor? my use of the emoji should more than prove that wrong,
  5. one of the few around here older than me! we gotta stick together and remind them, we outchea!!! hope you have a great day old man!
  6. now THAT'S funny! I don't care who you are
  7. Mark it down, Ricardo Allen is going to be a heck of a coach when his playing days are done
  8. man yeah, when we had Mike and Jerious, it was a given that on ANY play, the ball could find it's way to the endzone. Exciting times to be a Falcons fan and watch, for sure. and as true as the facts and stats are that FFS70 posted above, it's also a true fact that we'll always be left with 'what might have been'.
  9. while you were banging your head, all the rest of us were all 'WTH is a DEADRIN SNOT'
  10. we should take up a collection and send him a really nice set of pom-poms and a cricut machine so he can save money making his own stickers....
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