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  1. HEY!!!! you can't just come out and call us slow like that, calling people out is against the CoC!!! oh wait, were you talking about the people, or the server........... I guess if you've been reading some of the ridiculous threads, it could be either/or
  2. wonder if St Peter will make him duck under something to pass through....
  3. I'm flipping back and forth between this one and his 'perfect AMFB draft' one.....I've already run out of popcorn
  4. this is my thought exactly. some team will pay. I fully expect that, Foles, Keenum AJ and Bortles will all make a good paycheck this year
  5. I was reading that earlier and had that thought, but he'll make a starter somewhere that's QB needy
  6. kinda like Wes at this time last year. You can't have a real opinion on someone who never got playing time
  7. reading through, from the title to here, I thought to myself "self, this just can't get any better" then BOOM there ya go with this gem LOVE IT!!!
  8. funny, but oh so accurate!
  9. see there you go being consistantly WRONG again, because stone didn't BEAT joe hawley out for the starting center spot, he only played because hawley got hurt. and you weren't trolling about it at all either, you was hanging from them nuts so tight I'm surprised it didn't raise his voice a couple octaves I can't think of a single thing you've ever been right about, well, except in your own mind. I'd bet it's safe to say there are wayyyy more people here who're familiar enough to agree with me too..... but just keep on being consistant, we all already know
  10. so you must be related to him then??
  11. looks like a hooker leaned up against that column watching for the next 'john' to walk up and ask how much
  12. I know when they took him OFF of ST to save his legs for starting at DE, our ST play went downhill fast. Yes, he was a solid ST contributor, so much so that a few games later he was back on ST again, and the stats improved
  13. she'd be a heckuva lot more fun to watch in tight pants too