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  1. I think we break 30 points this week and win big.
  2. yeah this little guy is the one who was born on the day the Birds opened the Benz....
  3. then goes home to mom's basement
  4. yep me too only for me it's the 2 year old grandson
  5. the Amityville Horror???
  6. man what a great set up for the future though since that's on tape. "oh, Jakes at guard, he's pulling to the right" misdirection it right, then run it left.....
  7. this was my exact thought! a lot here were high on him predraft, when we took Takk, the bois took him. now cutting him. yay US, LOL
  8. should have cut him Feb 2017, whining about contract during SB week, missed the block that started the his contract, collected two years of the salary and hasn't done squat since. there, I said it
  9. yeah but NOW they're reacting that way every call that goes against them....yes, I spent a few minutes perusing their board the other day, then immediatly had to go take a hot shower, followed by a total body dip in disinfectant, followed by another hot shower, but they're doing it
  10. now now, don't go giving the league any ideas of robbing season ticket holders by sending games to yet ANOTHER overseas location
  11. Pats, Packers, Cowboys and Taints, seattle AT seattle
  12. unless you're the taints, then you get a judge to allow a lawsuit and depositions
  13. it was almost as if he was more intent on locating Rico than the ball......