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  1. oh well, I can just block him till the draft is over then
  2. well ok, but the fact is more than one have requested he stop, and it's not like he's public enemy number one and we're singling him out, but oh well
  3. he's posting it before my tv gets it, I guess different networks are faster or something
  4. "Dan, who ya got?" 'who's that kid from montana?'
  5. I thought Luck had concussion problems...
  6. wow 7 straight offensive picks, is that a record?
  7. he could be, we'll have to wait and see
  8. but joe got hurt anyway? ok then
  9. nah nah....just tryin ta help ya be able to walk straight thas all
  10. I sent you a down arrow, hope it helps
  11. yeah, they'll all be on the ground because they have no blockers
  12. wondering if he's been given his free 3 days 4 nights vacation
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