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  1. I'd say I agree with that since they have coach scamahan. You KNOW he can find a way to lose it in the final quarter....seems fitting we discuss this in the final quarter of the season
  2. we can only hope
  3. the logic, or lack thereof, of some people is just astounding sometimes. If you're in Atlanta, why would you root AGAINST any Atlanta team? Especially one that's owned by the same guy who owns your favorite NFL team? who is also the best owner this team has ever had BTW Now I know we have Falcons fans from all over, so maybe they'd be more inclined to argue this, but I can't for the life of me figure out some of the ridiculous reasoning behind some of the posts here
  4. yeah some of us have been around long enough to decipher, read through, listen to what's not really being said, etc etc that we just know. Yet here we are, back once again saying 'you just wait until next year'..... so again dear sir, I tip the cap
  5. I didn't even know ODBJR or Aaron Donald even played left tackle because when we drafted Jake, (who BTW has been a solid player in that position for his career in spite of what some TATFers think) We needed a left tackle
  6. you kind of proved the point, I didn't SAY you were dumb, I ASKED you personally if you were....big difference....and for the record, I do believe that asking for someone else to be banned, is a violation of the CoC which means maybe you should be banned. as for the Jalen thing, well, honestly, (because I'm honest enough to admit a mistake, unlike you and a lot of other posters here) I read your post as Jalen COLLINS. but to go ahead and deal with it, exactly how many times has Jalen RAMSEY played against Matt? How many times has he utilized all of that tremendous football IQ studying Matt's game? Once??? bahahahaha....yeah right. his opinion regardless of how highly YOU think of him (remembering James Stone here) doesn't mean a lot. Now if it were someone from NO, CAR, or TB that had played against Matt a lot, say someone like Aquib Talib, who has a long enough career and enough games against Matt that HIS opinion would matter, then I'd say ok. Oh and on that note, you notice NONE of those guys are making the same idiotic kinds of statements now, are they. So Ramsey's opinion of Matt, matters about as much as your opinion on, well, pretty much anything
  7. you can't really be dumb enough to think anything Jalen Collins says about Matt Ryan is anywhere near the truth, can you? No, there's no sour grapes there at all I mean come you can't really be that dumb, right?
  8. I'd jump up and down for joy if Kubiak were to be hired here. Literally....
  9. awesome! Congratulations
  10. yes my long time Falcons fan brother, never ever will I understand someone who WANTS to watch their team lose. Some of these cats weren't around in the early days like you and I and several others here, we had PLENTY of that. Decades worth even. We need some rest...
  11. "what do you think of your teams execution coach"? "I'm in favor of it"
  12. yep, not many want to spend the kind of money it costs to go to the game and watch a bunch of losers. Heck I can stay at home and watch on TV for nothing, and actually change channels when it gets bad enough
  13. now now, you can't go using logic here, esp concerning an article written by a known Falcons hater like Shultz
  14. the other side of that is, how many of us are going to disregard a large part of this because A-it's Shultz and B-it's Shultz writing an article with info he got from many TATF members.... so there's that