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  1. I'm in!!! Thanks for getting it going again my good man!
  2. the turd on top of the pile is still a turd
  3. if it does for you then it does for me. wait mean we've graduated to sophomore from 3rd grade!!!!!! WHOO HOOOOO, "singing the song from 'The Jeffersons'
  4. this is where you and I are different. I laughed and I'm PROUD of it!!!!
  5. can produce a whole different meaning to things, like "I helped my uncle Jack, off his horse"
  6. they had to MAKE him come off the field last time he injured his foot, and this moron wants to say he doesn't train hard enough? a crazy thought, what if, just what if, JJ is working out more than ever and just not posting it? now there's a thought.....
  7. very nicely done sir, and congrats on the new gig!
  8. Poe's been on a decline? LMAO . Ok, so I'mma throw something you ain't used to, they're called facts got hurt, was told to put on a bunch of weight, then played in a position OTHER than the one he's best suited for. But yeah, go ahead and think he's on the decline. Of course, now that I think about it, and watching scam fig newton last year, you would know a little bit about a player being on a decline wouldn't you
  9. not an emoji, but should suffice
  10. we need to find one of an old woman hitting an old man with her purse.....
  11. I'll have to go see if I can find that female one, then I could use this one
  12. I'll have you know I ALWAYS behave! just most times I behave badly