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  1. Rodgers was all like "dude, don't fart in my face again when you sack me this game" and of course you see Vic's response
  2. I like how you think!
  3. yeah, let em go ahead and lip read all they want.....
  4. I don't doubt it. how many by the same two guys?
  5. so this deserved 2 threads? wait, that's 2 by you, 3 hours after the first one by someone I correct myself, this deserved THREE threads?
  6. count me in please sir! I need to pick up another Falcons cap the only one I have currently is the white NFC Champions one, and I really don't want to wear it that much of course, this one could be put away too as it's just about as special
  7. yep...........
  8. if we'd have played this type ball control on both sides of the ball in the second half of the superbowl back in FEB...... as for the talking heads, oh well. they gotta say whatever they can to stir up stuff to keep people watching. Well, except there's a lot of us who don't watch at all already, so there's that
  9. yeah Takk buried him for sure on one play, may have gotten him a couple more times too
  10. yeah because we all know that Poole is the FIRST EVER player to take a knee and stop the game to slow momentum down a little bit. Seriously, this is the most brilliant strategy EVAAAAAAAA, and I can't believe that NO ONE ever thought of doing that before
  11. so you didn't read it all or didn't comprehend the paragraph? 4. Atlanta had to deal with its fair share of injuries as well. Beasley exited with a hamstring injury in the second half, but the affliction that could have derailed the Falcons' evening came on the offensive line when starting right tackle Ryan Schraeder was sidelined with a concussion in the first quarter. Broncoscastoff Ty Sambrailo stepped in and, save for one Clay Matthews stunt sack, protected Matt Ryan well. Sometimes a liability in Denver, Sambrailo passed his first test in the Peach State.