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  1. sooo, you're saying LaFleur called the games then when KS was on the field? all the more reason we should have kept him when kyle left...... and NO, I'm not going to put that in purple, anyone who can't see blatant sarcasm when they see it just needs to block me
  2. now there you go, throwing around those awful and unwanted (around here) facts.....tsk tsk
  3. and the first post after yours was..... one of the most irrational, most biased against the team (mostly the QB) and biggest oxygen depleters on the board sorry gazoo, did you forget where you were posting there for the few seconds it took you to type that?
  4. apparently we need to ask sam darnold.....
  5. for those of us who've been around a long long time, we can see that post is aimed at the board in general
  6. I don't know man, 'trust me' is just such a staple of the board, think I need to do that with scroll past the scrolls, cause NO BODY does that one anyway
  7. got the invite and now am also part of the survival! thanks guys for doing this again this year
  8. maybe those other 4 guys all stole different parts of Sarks offense.....
  9. well, except ex girlfriends have the option of getting the restraining order. We have to suffer through it here when it happens...
  10. my hand would probably wind up looking like one of JPP's hands
  11. so you're saying his reputation is on the line????
  12. I know, some of them just need to walk in a few circles and then lay back and relax....
  13. that's a great idea. I'd say I'd start it, but with all that's going on, I don't know how early I'd be able to. I'll definitely post to it for sure, and I might even get to go to the service, I'm just not sure what the progression or regression of my FIL is going to be.