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  1. how ironic that the dudes name was "Law"
  2. this post should make the all star hall of fame
  3. is this referencing that "I"m at a loss" look on his face??
  4. I have yet to see anyone explain his whiff on brees in the first game here that could have been a game changing moment. He seemed to play soft this year to me
  5. and the refs missed the blatant face mask on Sanu on that play that should have been an offsetting penalty and replay the down
  6. only us tagged as pure football can do that, right?
  7. no, they actually DO ban you regularly, just to mess with ya
  8. especially when R the Great says 'great player, under rated' I'd worry more about that than the Pats not wanting him anymore,
  9. yeah if that doesn't fit the category of 'hostile environment' nothing ever will
  10. like they don't LOOK for stuff to ***** about anyway....I say let 'em, at least they ain't bitchin about Sark, Matt or Julio
  11. to your wife, who just became one of my favorite people and I've never met her, I tip my cap
  12. yeah that's crazy. I think the Cards are shooting for all the records the Browns have set through the last couple decades