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  1. I think you misread my post. I didn't say at all that Ridley should be like Jones, I asked would he be getting the opportunities he's getting if we didn't have Jones drawing so much coverage.... I won't compare Calvin to Julio, because he's a completely different TYPE of guy. I do think after watching just a few games with him, that Calvin Ridly will be a very very very well known name by the time his career is over.
  2. already saying he don't know if Oliver will make it in the NFL, WAYYYYYYY too soon to even be thinking such things. I differ in opinion on something else implied, Ridley is doing so well, yes he's a good WR, execellent route runner, but has he been doubled at all? Julio is taking a LOT of pressure off him, and with his talent he is taking advantage, but if we didn't have a 1 like JJ who commands double coverage, would CR be getting what he's been getting?
  3. no now it's 35-3....
  4. 55's own guy knocked him off Turners back, he was probably glad
  5. no it was steve wilson with the Broncos, Genaut posted that video, my absolute all time favorite play that's not a field goal that got us into our first SB here's a good read:
  6. I give this thread 5 stars, and if we're still doing 'thread of the year' I nominate it!! absolutely hilarious, but sad at the same time I sure hope it don't happen to our member here who raises the nets!!!
  7. man, I didn't even think of stats, you could very well be right
  8. don't you just have to wonder about some posters around here? of course, the rest of the time, you're pretty dadgum least I am
  9. looks like you got it handled pretty good there my good man
  10. I was scrolling through to see if anyone asked YOU if it was YOU!! and I ain't jokin, my first thought was 'i bet that's emmitt'
  11. should have hit up an Academy Outdoors, they usually have a decent selection
  12. the way the line played for a few weeks, I hope it's the one with the built in flak jacket