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  1. if we like what we see? when are you suggesting we'll 'see' anything from him sitting on the bench? He's NOT going to beat out Matt for starting QB
  2. not mine, at least not reading that garbage past the first reference to a couple coaches that are long gone and SHOULD be no longer a topic of discussion. past is past, and some around here just can't stop living there. TD, quinn and shanny own way too much real estate in some of the heads around here. but that does make for some entertaining reading as we go through the comments on some of these doofus threads. so keep em comin boys, and just remember, if you can't laugh at yourself, there's plenty of us here who will
  3. all depends on when he's going to retire.....I personally think he has another 4 or 5 years left, with the proper build around him philosophy. I think you find your 'matt replacement' a year before and let him groom, then be ready to take over. You don't get that replacement to sit 2 or 3 years, and barring injury or a sudden 'Andrew Luck' retirement stunner, you don't wait until he's done and then hope you can draft a starting qb that upcoming draft. so if TF and AS think he has more than just next year left, no, you don't draft a qb at 4 who's sitting for most of his rookie contr
  4. here's my take. some around here have clamoured for a 'regime change' starting at the top for the last several years. While we still have Mr Blank and his faithful pet Rich, we got everything else, for the most part, new. having said that, we can't immediately forget the past few years, because we're stuck with some cap and roster problems. but man, some just need to let go of that, and look forward! We've had but a glimpse so far of what could be coming, but I think this is an exciting time to be a Falcons fan. We once again have HOPE for a better future.
  5. thought you said TD is done? so why do you keep bringing him back up? Enquiring minds want to know. but for the record, it just appears you're trying too hard really
  6. well until he proves it to be wrong, I'm way more ok with calling him King Arthur than I am with those who wanna call him Smitty2
  7. ok here's my question for the cap gurus. can we realistically move on from Matt for 2022? if we can, and since we cut benkert, providing we don't bring in someone to be our backup qb in FA......I'm ok with taking a QB at four to sit for ONE year behind Matt with the benkert move, it maybe looks like that's what TF and AS might be thinking
  8. man if he had JUST put SIR in front of Lance alot this would be perfect
  9. I took a look around, saw it was worse than here, and said no freaking way.... LOL
  10. I'm still of the mind he has a coaching career in his future when he's done playing the way he studies the game
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