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  1. be careful my friend, don't fall under the wiles of such intellectual honesty esp from someone who is neither
  2. absolutely one of the best analogies ever! perfect description for this thread, and most of his other ones too
  3. before that could happen, someone needs to have a meeting with armstrong though.....just sayin
  4. Quinn is smiling, because he doesn't come to the message board and read the ridiculous threads that get posted here....
  5. Survival is left with just six of us, and NO ONE left without at least one loss. 4 of six with one loss! pickem however......I still suck very badly at pickem, LOL
  6. oh he clearly did........... through most of the game, but esp on that last sack
  7. you could be on to something there my friend!
  8. Forget where ya are did ya???
  10. totally wrong again.........and here's why this time. The injuries didn't matter, because this team once again failed to game plan to take advantage of their weakened secondary. Matt only had 195 yards, with only ONE member of 'the legion' playing, and he was just coming back from injury. He should have been able to have close to a 400 yard game, and yet didn't. So, the injuries didn't matter.