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  1. thanks. Yeah, I'm glad I got to know him too. He wasn't just my father in law, he was a whole lot more, I really can't even begin to tell.. but he will be missed . thanks man, hope y'all have a great holiday
  2. thanks everyone, we had the funeral today, as one of the preachers said, 'reality will hit over the next few days'.... I'll just go ahead and say, my FIL was a good man. No one has ever heard me tell the typical in law jokes, because they just never fit my in laws. I was blessed to have the best in laws anyone could hope to have. MIL passed in 2013, he joined her sunday morning. appreciate the thoughts, prayers and condolences. It's what we do for our 'family' and I really do think we're all family here. I won't get into who are the 'bad uncle' types but family is f
  3. y'all forget where you are? I'm surprised it hasn't been worse
  4. For all you who are people who pray, my wife's dad passed this morning. We've been watching him go down fighting cancer, and the last few weeks it's accelerated. This morning, he gained his wings. Even knowing it's coming, doesn't make it any easier to deal with when it comes. thanks in advance
  5. Man! I forgot the flame thrower, thanks for having my back Tim!
  6. if quinn was still here, his report on the clipboard holder "we'll know more on Wednesday"
  7. hand grenades, mortars and rocket launchers....a heat seeking missile or two might not be a bad idea either...
  8. they're gonna mess with sean's mind and start him tomorrow
  9. don't we usually make the second string guys look like MVPs?
  10. but maybe, just maybe, he actually HAS a life?? unlike some of the rest of us
  11. happy birthday! hope it's been a great one
  12. depends on where the box is, THAT box seemed to be way out in left field
  13. no, it was first down, with a minute twelve seconds left. it wasn't about 'get the first down' it was about get down and run the clock out, kick the FG win the game. scored with too much time on the clock, and our D couldn't keep them from scoring I mean it was hashed out and rehashed that week, why not just take a knee 3 times, back up 3 or 4 yards and kick it then? who knows, we Falconed that up, no surprises there are there?
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