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  1. I was reading an article earlier this morning where the people in Wuhan are claiming that the chinese government is not telling the truth about the total number of deaths or even cases for that matter, some are speculating there have been over 40K deaths just in wuhan, based on the number of urns that have been shipped in to the funeral homes and crematories....
  2. either you've changed names, and of course lost thousands of posts with board changes through the years, or you lurk a lot more than post. I was going strictly off post count, since 'join date' for most of us says 1969, LOL so I'll just be takin with whatever amount of respect I think I deserve then, which normally wouldn't be much, but since we talkin about grinchiness, that means a lot to me
  3. except when the season starts and he continues to stockpile receptions, yards, tds, first downs, etc etc etc THAT will be the only response he needs to give
  4. that ole saying 'we outchea' still means somethin
  5. well let's see, since the whole thread was ABOUT professional football players, more specifically, the Falcons professional football players, that would be automatically inferred in any following discussion. So you didn't HAVE to specifically say professional ball player, it was already the topic of discussion. I don't follow the NBA, so I have no idea what you're talking about there, except that you believe a group of guys who've played this sport their wholes lives and dreamed of getting to this level, along with the organization as a whole, give up their manhood and pride to do what ever it takes to lose on purpose, just so they can get a better pick in a draft? the whole premise is just laughable. as for your 'recent evidence of the Dolphins' a team that's recently changed leadership, cuts, or trades away, players brought in by the previous 'leadership' so they can replace them with their own guys, means they're losing on purpose? so that's what Chip Kelly did in Philly a few years ago? or Gruden with the Raiders now? or or or....the list goes on a ways. again, you'll never convince me that anyone who plays a sport their whole life and dreams of making the 'big league' will ever go along with losing on purpose just so the team can get a 'higher' draft pick (who might not even be a good player when it's all said and done) I just don't buy it
  6. some of them just bring it out of us soooo easy, eh?
  7. ummm, if you're referring to me, and I'm most assured you are, I can guarantee you I was dammmm far from 'losing my ****' to say tanking doesn't exist. I'll offer you the same challenge genius, go find ANY professional ball player who know their jobs depend on winning and losing and find out if they would even consider tanking. Not to even consider their personal pride
  8. wow, if we're now allowed to call people what we think they are in spite of the CoC I have a LONG list I need to get busy on. You asked 'what if', I gave my scenario. you said "for fun" being an obnoxious ^&& IS fun, I just saw your thread and ran with the most basic of premise that I saw. I see also in that post that you're one of those who believe every word of every announcer on every network. go ask those players if they 'tanked' and see what answer you get. I take pride in my obnoxious assieness, so there! whoa whoa haven't been around here anywhere NEAR long enough to try to claim you're the biggest grinchiest poster here. Back up a bit there young buck, there are some of us here you can't hold a candle to, and we take PRIDE in our big grinchiness jerk posts. Because some posters just post to see us do it. go get a few more years posting and refining your craft, then come back and offer up the challenge @ya_boi_j @Ezekiel 25:17 @RING OF HONOR @Tim Mazetti @octoslash and there are TONS more, but y'all believe this dude thinks he's all that?
  9. "stuff" happens bro, don't let it get ya though
  10. what if..... what if I hit the lottery and buy the rights to the message board so I can ban anyone dumb enough to think a professional ball player is in anyway going to 'tank' a season since it's a 'what if' thread and all
  11. you forgot where you're posting again didn't you
  12. dude, are you even aware that the two injuries he's suffered are DIFFERENT injuries? not the same injury, not the same leg either I do believe. BOTH of these injuries are able to heal 100%, as proven by multiple players the last several years league wide. He's had some really bad luck, but fully capable of coming back and playing to full capacity, there's no need to 'just let him sit there and hold a roster spot' I'm not the one ignorant here, that'd be you, you proved that by thinking someone has to 'remember' to breathe. Just stop, the more you post, the more you show what you really are
  13. yeah, WIlliam Andrews says Terrell Davis is only gonna play about 3 more years after his acl injury
  14. the vast majority of the daily increases in the US are NY and NJ, where the people are packed in like sardines. been that way since 'real' testing started a few weeks ago