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  1. he and DLed are going to ride this horse as far as it will take them. And then they'll beat it some more and try to get a few more laps out of it
  2. for all we know, it might have been Julio asking TO what he thought, and TO telling him, "now would be a great time to do it cause they'll blame me and it won't hurt your relationship as bad, cause you know I DGAF if they like me or not"
  3. well he has to have SOMETHING to do while he sits outside the gate of Flowery Branch waiting on sexy rexy to show up.....
  4. better be careful rousing them rables, some of them post stupid stuff afterwards
  5. yep, I had 2 daughters, and I was serious as I could be when I'd talk to the "boy" wanting to date my daughter when I'd work it into the conversation that 'I don't mind going back to jail again, 3 squares and cable? yeah that'd be cool for a year or so again'
  6. I can barely walk across my yard in 80*+ temps in this humidity, no way I'm even going to think about running, uphill, in sand? hail to the naw right there....
  7. you forgot the last line though Falcons: ok then, enjoy your unpaid 3 year vacation.
  8. don't worry my friend, there are apparently tons of posters here doing plenty of them
  9. well, it was MY TURN!!!!!
  10. I would have expected to see this pic in one of the 9000 Julio threads by now
  11. like so much of this board. I started to say 'in the offseason' but we all know it's like that year round
  12. let me take a wild guess that it was Riley in coverage......