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  1. Can't wait! It's been a while since I've been on here...
  2. Jets, Bye, Bucs. Yeah... I say we should be @ .500 by the end of that
  3. Jay-Z thanks God everyday the Biggie got shot. Jigga What would have forever been 2nd place in his beloved New York if Notorious was still alive.
  4. Same as when Brooking bit on 3rd and 16. People wanted his head for that so i guess HD is getting let off a little easier
  5. I was hoping for 92 after Strahan
  6. Hahaha. That's what I wanted to put, but it put it as **** so I edited it.
  7. True. I'd delete my wife's twitter account if she was putting stuff out like this. Decreasing my chances of getting paid. She should understand considering she is all about herself, I mean her husband, getting paid
  8. The one good thing about the braves losing is that I don't have to watch anymore baseball until next year
  9. Unfortunately, CMR will never get rid of his friend Bobo the Clown
  10. We will only lose one more game (if any) this year... who that is to, not sure. I predicted 2-3 loss season before and now I'm right on schedule. Our schedule is VERY favorable. I still want Kirby Smart as our new HC though...
  11. The only thing I got to say is do you guys REALLY think we were going to go undefeated this year? I mean, c'mon! And if you gonna lose them, there are two rules... 1) lose them early and 2) lose out of conference. I am holding out on comments until I see us play SC this weekend
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