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  1. Just ignore that clown man. All he does is come over here and talk about the posters instead of talking about the Falcons. He offers no contribution to the subject just barbs and attacks of posters. For some reason he seems to think everyone should post according to his code of conduct.

    Thanks for standing with me man, really. But my take on MDRAKE is he calls it like he sees it. Only want honest heart felt opinions here. Just my take. We don't own this sucker but in many ways we are the Falcons. We're all in for these birds and it shows in these forums. We all want the same thing. " just win baby"

  2. I didn't want to make this accusation before, but I was strongly suspicious that you are less than 20 years old when you were posting about how you hope the Falcons front office reads this thread so they will sign Hardy. Now I'm fairly certain it's true.

    Why thank you! I'm actually a little older as I've been a frustrated fan for 49 yrs. Watched Tommy Nobis and Randy Johnson make an appearance at Piedmont park in "66. Was so proud of my city then. New NFL team; the Braves. Was a magical time. If I'm cynical now it's because we keep finding ways to lose, actually inventing new ways. If that upset you baiting that guy with rolling eye post, excuse me. You post good stuff. Anyway it can't be a secret I want Hardy here. Maybe pushing too hard. selah

  3. They have a promising young QB to go with those signings. With the parity in the NFL, they wouldn't have to improve that much to get above the bottom-feeder level and make the play-offs. With Clayborn, Schofield and a good young pass rusher from our #8 pick, Hardy could be the critical piece to make the Falcons a top-tier SB contender. To deny the potential impact of a player the caliber of Hardy is to deny the reality of the impact we know having Julio Jones means to our offense.

    The Falcons need to get players who are a fit for Quinn's defense. Everybody gets that. But what many of us can't understand is how you're going to elevate from being a 10-22 team without bringing in any significantly better talent? The talent we've brought in so far seems at best barely above what we're getting rid of. In a couple of instances, they may be even more brittle and injury-prone than what we had.

    I have confidence in Quinn, but he's not the lone ranger putting this roster together. The Boy Genius is still neck-deep in the mix. He's the turd in the punchbowl of the Falcon Grand Reopening party, he's the sugar being poured into the gas tank of our gleaming new race car. He's the Philistine who stands at the gates to our Super Bowl Promised Land. He may end up being Blank's Achilles Heel and Waterloo if the team is still floundering when the new stadium opens.

    ^^^^^ great comments

  4. 3rd down success is on smith not TD. Even with Abe we sucked on 3rd. It's the philosophy. Quinn has a different philosophy. He's aggressive and attacks. Not read n react like smith. He loves man to man. I can't remember the last time we were a man to man defense. In other words the soft zone SH!t is out the window with quinn. He's coming to get you and the corners will be in your face to force the perfect throw.

    Yeah, but if you don't get pressure (not sacks per say) and hits on the Qb to disrupt him we're like before. All good teams have rushers that get in the face of them. If they have time all the pressure Db's will fail. Just an opinion like yours. I want a very good rusher!

  5. So we should just sacrifice every bit of self respect we might have to sign a scum bag all in the name of winning? I fully believe we can win without him and that he's not worth the baggage he has. You guys talk about him like he's God's gift to football. He's good but he was only one part of a good front seven in Carolina. No guarantees he would equal that production here or anywhere else.

    maybe the league will give a trophy for most polite team. There's an ambition to root for. Go team go but don't tackle too hard or you might hurt someone's feelings.

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