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  1. KOG, I'm sorry but this is beyond the pale. I'm college only from here out. This team is seriously jinxed, there is no other explanation. I actually hate them now!
  2. True!!! I'm done! Need something positive in my life and this franchise is not IT!!!
  3. Been thru this misery too many times. I'm done. This team is jinxed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Our D' is kickin as$. I thought our "O" would be repping, but dam our D is killin it!!!!
  5. Oh my this is bucket list sh!t. Come on guys bring it home to papa!!!!!
  6. We take this game and enjoy not only winning the SB, but watching all these pundits with egg on their faces
  7. Did this get deleted????? Could only find it in my comments. So good.
  8. That was so well put together, the song, the clips. Thank you, this inspires and lifts us up. Rise Up my Falcons, Rise Up!!
  9. Looking forward to that 300 mi. drive to Atlanta for the monster parade down Peachtree!!!!!!!
  10. LMAO; I just love HUGE post counts! Rise up PC's
  11. Our best pickup this year in Sanu, he's been so productive!
  12. I'm encouraged more by our D more than anything else! These young guys have grown so strong as this year has progressed. So many are playing unbelievably well this year. AND of course our "O" has lit it up. I'm so stoked watching this team.
  13. Ain't no crying here; I'm shouting so loud they can here me in Atlanta and I'm in Alabama now.
  14. So proud for you Vandy, what a 1st half! No let up boys, take them to the woodshed!
  15. Absolutely! Where in the he!l did we get this team???? So many are playing pro bowl level. So fun to watch.
  16. I am; but as this article states so well Matt Ryan has stepped up and manned up! He's showing so much more this year. It's great to watch.
  17. If he gets us a Lombardi he can do no wrong here. We (I) have suffered 50 yrs of want it here. He'll be my hero for the few short yrs I have left.
  18. I see so much of this, this year like never before. He's become the man, before our eyes and I am so glad to be wrong on this front. As most of you already know I've been MR's worst critic. He can take us all where we want to go. Bring it to the stands Sunday, fans from start to finish. Can't wait!!!!
  19. Yeah it was assumed that Bama wouldn't miss Kiffen. Not sure that was true tho. The in-game adjustments weren't there. I think MR is better attuned to the nuances of this offense and Lefleur will be good.
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