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  1. Why in the Heck do these guys do this stuff? Drinking; stupid; want to get cut? They need classes on how to be human. They graduate college and have no clue! Had hopes for him under Q but he's likely done in pro's.
  2. Me too, NEVER EVER considered reporting someone for whatever remarks. I can usually defuse them by simply agreeing with their personal attack. Peeps hate when happens, kinda lessens them. Reporting? wtf is this school. I'm just here too bro. Best comment on this thread. oh just imo
  3. We gave it all we could on here as a voice of our choice but to no avail. Hoping and trying to believe in the plan. You go Quinn with whatever you want. I'm gonna be a fan. Have been, still will be.
  4. Thanks for standing with me man, really. But my take on MDRAKE is he calls it like he sees it. Only want honest heart felt opinions here. Just my take. We don't own this sucker but in many ways we are the Falcons. We're all in for these birds and it shows in these forums. We all want the same thing. " just win baby"
  5. Why thank you! I'm actually a little older as I've been a frustrated fan for 49 yrs. Watched Tommy Nobis and Randy Johnson make an appearance at Piedmont park in "66. Was so proud of my city then. New NFL team; the Braves. Was a magical time. If I'm cynical now it's because we keep finding ways to lose, actually inventing new ways. If that upset you baiting that guy with rolling eye post, excuse me. You post good stuff. Anyway it can't be a secret I want Hardy here. Maybe pushing too hard. selah
  6. Just wanted to make your day. "Greg Hardy"; "Greg Hardy" ; "Greg Hardy"
  7. Heard the fight; is there eye witness somewhere in that statement.
  8. Yeah, but if you don't get pressure (not sacks per say) and hits on the Qb to disrupt him we're like before. All good teams have rushers that get in the face of them. If they have time all the pressure Db's will fail. Just an opinion like yours. I want a very good rusher!
  9. Matters to a 3 outa 4 here. But lol, not where it should, alas.
  10. Yep, what IF as one pointed out here, all the good pass rushers fly off the draft board. We'll be better even so but I want a killer defense here. Need some Men @ Falcon HQ to step up.
  11. Yes a misdemeanor charge in a he said she said testimony. Hang him from the highest tree!! Signing him is not the ridiculous part of this whole thing
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