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  1. Oh yes you know because Meier really has that great speed. how bout you look at our teams players before you try to act like a smarta**
  2. Just like I asked about Justin Houston. Why does everyone love this guy and want this guy. He is HD83 basically just shorter and a tad faster. If we go WR in this draft I think we need a bigger WR who can run with good speed and can use his body unlike Michael Jenkins.
  3. anyone to say no to both would appreciate a reasonable explanation
  4. SO you criticize his picks but wont make your own. well My belief is that you cant talk trash if your to scared to make predictions
  5. I can garentee that the panthers have basically already decided who they want they are just going to keep it a mystery so maybe they can get someone to tradeup since they cant sign the player they really want like previous drafts
  6. what a way to totally disregrad what my thread was sappose to be
  7. Simple Just put who you think will be a Boom or a Bust Boom Torrey Smith DaQuan Bowers Leonard Hankerson Ryan Mallet Ryan Kerrigan Bust Justin Houston Jerrel Jerrigan Cam Newton Blaine Gabbert Titus Young Tyron Smith
  8. If he went to another school like Cal or Utah or some other random school not in Georgia I think he wouldnt be getting all this love. He seems alot like last years favorite Brandon Graham. I still dont see anything in him that I like translating into the NFL. I see the same things I saw from Graham just using only his speed against average tackles.In the NFL you need to have some technique or power and I just dont like what I see in him. So cna anyone explain this love
  9. Lions Offense - TM - Lions The NFL has found the Lions guilty of tampering with the Chiefs, meaning Detroit will forfeit a seventh-round pick in the 2011 draft. Related: Chiefs http://www.rotoworld.com/sports/nfl/football?r=1 Does this give us a 6th now from the houston trade????
  10. Do I think they should follow the falcon filter for every player and offseason. No. But do I think they will continue using it.... Yes And everyone even the patriots dont have big of a filter as us
  11. I like the little of what Ive seen in him but I heard he aint getting passed TDs character test
  12. Go steelers I WILL NEVER root for the team that takes out my Falcons. In my opinion your not a real fan if you root for the team that took you out
  13. Isn't this exactly what we all said last year and look what we did.
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