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  1. In SC for college, and having some trouble finding a link for the game. Can someone PM me one? Please & thank you
  2. In SC for school, can someone PM me a link?
  3. I been MIA for a while, and there aren't a lot of old faces still on the boards Anyways, I'm moving up to college Wednesday in Spartanburg, SC and was wondering if I could get someone that would kindly PM me the links when we have games I'm not sure if I'll even be able to catch a lot of them because I'll probably be busy with college ball I did like what I saw in the 1st game for the most part, the D-line was getting a little bit of a push but the 2nd game, no so much (granted we were missing a lot of key players). I'm excited to see the Miami game cause it'll give us a slightly better
  4. *She and I'll be attending college in the Spartanburg area.
  5. Hello because this thing told me to. Haha!

  6. I'm going to be movingg to South Carolina in August for college I was wondering if any of you live in South Carolina and was also wondering if you miss out on many games because of it.
  7. ready for the season =)

  8. Many of you may have heard about WBC (Westboro Baptist Church) -- the crazy homophobic and anti-semitic hate group -- and how they travel around the US protesting at different venues. You've also probably heard about how they've protested before at a dead soldier's funeral holding up signs that say "Pray for more dead soliders" etc. These people are straight up insane & for some reason they're coming to my school May 6th to protest from around 7:40am-8:10am. We're trying to get as many people as possible to come out because we'll be using this opportunity to raise money for AIDs Atlanta an
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