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  1. Is there a politician who has done less than Barack? Wow...are we electing a kindergarten kid...Baby Barack. Man seems like he never introduced a bill, was barely in the Senate before he used it to run for President, never created a job, South Chicago appears in worse condition now then when he moved into the area. Is this like the dot com era...where you look for the company that is losing the most money and invest in it? Does the emperor have any clothes "beyond the rhetoric", which seems to shift depending on who he speaks to. And, don't you almost get whiplash watching him spin his head ba
  2. ^^^Dude, that is the nastiest thing I've ever seen^^^
  3. Why the hayull was this dumb broad at a dorm at 1:45am anyway? Her story is way too fishy. Even the police report says "touched" not hit or punched. Who gives a flying flip, people touch pregnant women all the time. It might be rude, but not illegal. If this would have been in Atl., the po po would have laughed at her and went on. We've got Barney Fife running things in Clarke County. Idiots. I guess they think farting on someone is aggravated assault too.
  4. He should have stopped when the guy said "No" if you ask me.
  5. "And Peisel flys out to Cerione!" Mike Patrick at his best. It almost beat "I have a question....so what's Britney up to???" right before the winning TD pass against Bama in OT.
  6. The same bum ump from the NC State game will be umping again tonight against the DAWGS, so it won't be any better than last night. They might as well put Penn Wagers out there.
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