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  1. I also agree Op. There were opinions last year, Brian Billick for one, that we didn't even have an NFL caliber "D" in terms of personnel. Without a doubt there are risks involved here with injury history's, but just adding one or two studs to a poor defense won't get it done either.
  2. Hopefully can be a deep threat now that Roddy's slowing down a little, could help free up Julio!
  3. I was mad early yesterday that we didn't seem as agressive on D like the Buffalo game, weren't going after the rookie to shake him up.
  4. I had givin lots of credit to last years turnaround and record to this coaching staff, of course Mike Smith first and foremost. My question is, with five new faces on D, the schedule, the bye week games, and the multiple injuries, is this an even better job of coaching? Lets be real, we are not a dynasty (yet), we are working on building a solid organization from top to bottom that will take a few seasons to do. I for one think this was a heck of a job yet again by this staff.
  5. Didn't all of our recivers suck before Ryan got here? Oh I forget, that was the o-lines fault.
  6. Amen to that brother, I just posted a simaler topic (should have read yours first) we will only get better.
  7. Always an emotional loss to our oldest rival, but I couldn't be prouder of the heart this team showed. I truly believe we can win six or maybe seven of the next nine and be right there in the wild card. We need the walking wounded all healthy, and the hardest part of our schedule is done. I read the boards daily but don't post a lot, I just wanted to be positive today for all of us that don't expect us to go undeafeted only a season and a half after being given up for dead. This glass is half full!
  8. Food for thought, I have wondered this season if it's like rookie season for all of our second year players. Last year was a mess and I'm not so sure what kind of teaching they may have gotten from that staff. Is that being overly critical?
  9. Yes, find a pub with Sky Sports. I have traveld to Leeds, England on business several times and I'm a regular at a pub there. They let me watch the Falcons- Lions game on Thanksgiving a couple of years ago, small consolation for being away from home on thanksgiving. Of course the five hour time difference is gonna be tough. Where in Scotland are you? It must be getting dark at like 3:00 PM this time of year. My wife and I have been there a couple of times and love it. It's just so expensive with that exchange rate. I have traced my family back to Lochwinnoch near Glasgow. When I get rich I w
  10. We are playing with house money right now. I can't wait to see what moves he makes this off season to improve the "D". By the way, 100% agree about TD, my fantasy teams name this year was Dimitrofs Deciples!
  11. I have a feeling if Ryan had as many years under his belt as Romo, and as much talent top to bottom on his teams roster, you wouldn't have seen his team getting humiliated with everything on the line like the Cowgirls just did!
  12. 52 Players that played for each other and their coaches all year. A coaching staff that arguably teaches as good as any in the leauge. A bright young G.M., an owner and a city that any sane free agent would want to play for. This year already has been a fans dream. When this comes to an end this year, and I'm not saying the impossible dream can't happen, I'm just saying the odds are long. I say that anyone who comes on here and complains or has stupid negative crap to say (like the trolls) be banned for life. WAIT TILL WE REALLY GET GOOD! GO FALCONS, AND THANK YOU FOR ONE OF THE FUNNES
  13. My neighbor, who is a builder, sold a home to one of the free agents we signed. During the pre-season I got my buddy to ask the player if all the hype about Ryan coming in and taking charge, comanding the respect of the veterens etc. was true. The player told him " This kid is the real deal, he is a stud." I was sold then.
  14. Stay positive. See my post on the "were1 and 1" thread. Nuff said!
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