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  1. We can easly win 7 if the D line steps it up and inorder 4 that is the cover-men cover there man to the best of there ability
  2. Flacco is clearly the best pick as a QB in the 1st round of the 08 draft, sorry ryan fans
  3. thats like asking why should we keep abraham, cause we need him u dunce
  4. Obtaning favre is tricky if u ask me. . . he's a super vet. He's a legendary quaterback, He knows the game, he's poies under presure he can help us win more games than Matt can. BUT! "theres always a big but like jenifer lopez" He retired once, he felt as if he was finish with football and he did'nt want to play any more. . . pluse he's undercap in greenbay of $12million dollars, do we have 12mil to pay a nother "retire redy vet" (Joe Horn) because he produced well with other teams and then gets to old to play for them now we fell pitty then we signe them? nope. . . he should stay were he is,
  5. how much do it cost, or do it cost anything?
  6. I sort of think its going to be Roddy White or Turner.
  7. i got sumthing better then that.... I SAY WE GO TO THE PLAYOFFS THIS YEAR:cool: Yea I fell we can pull of a clevland browns year but acualy go to the playoffs
  8. What I define as succes for him is 27-30 touch downs, 10-17 interceptions, at least 4,000 passing yards and a 65% compleation percentage, but we all kno thats not going 2 happen
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