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  1. Here's some more film on him, as always he's the Left Tackle #72. He seriously needs to work on his run blocking though. Holmes kinda just throws himself at the defender when run blocking, you can see some whiffs by him in the run game. But all his flaws are easily correctible, and he shouldn't need two years to be ready like I hear some people saying.
  2. Imo Lamar Holmes doesn't look that much rawer than other college OTs coming out, he seems to have great feet for a 330 pound guy and his technique is actually solid. He's the LT #72 in the video: (Lamar Holmes vs Houston 2011)
  3. Sometimes I wonder if some of the fans hyping him up have ever seen him play. I'm not saying he isn't a good qb, it's just Stanford doesn't ask him to do anything. Stanford has a awesome power run game that get's like eight yards a carry, Luck isn't even close to the main threat. Luck is asked to do very little, it usually goes like this: Stanford starts the game by power running the ball then they throw some bubble screens to keep the defense spread out. A couple of routes with a pick thrown to get a receiver wide open, then more power running. Finally they do a play action off the power run game to a wide open tight end steaking down field. Of course because their run game is so good the opposing defense has to sell out to stop the run so play action is a killer. The Stanford coaches even said their strategy: Start the game power running, then play action off of it, finally finish the game power running. I'm not saying Luck is a bad qb, because he's doing everything asked of him it's just he's asked to do very little. I would like to see Stanford play a top defense like Alabama or LSU that can shut their run game down and then see what Luck can do when he's forced to Carry a team like other top college qbs have to do.
  4. Umm you do realize "freaking San Fran" is 5-1 and has an excellent defense, a solid offense, and avoids mistakes. The 49ers has looked like a far superior team than the Falcons this year. The Falcons have not been able to run on good defenses, and running on a terrible panthers defense doesn't change that.
  5. No it's not good for us, they're gonna be pissed. Unlike the Panthers, the Lions don't have a terrible defense and they have a heck of a pass rush. I see: Lions: 24 Falcons: 10
  6. Because you're automatically a thug when you're a black male, duh!
  7. D@mn you're a hater. How the **** are you gonna hate someone for smilling, and people always celebrate after scoring. Dude just shut up, this post is just ********. P.S. Counting the third interception like it meant something, when he just threw it up at the end of the game is pointless.
  8. Yea I saw that game too, I was suprised because outside of last week their offense had been horrendous. It seems the Seahawks have really turned the corner offensively and found their offensive style with the no huddle. I think the game against us gave the Seahawks offense confidence they were really lacking. I counted the Sehawks out earlier this season but they might actually be fighting with the 49ers for the NFC West.
  9. Yea, a couple of those picks were on the receivers, they should have a int stat for receivers lol. Turnovers seem to be killing the eagles this year, it's always at the most inopportune times too. Last week there was that crazy Ronnie Brown fumble, and when they were driving to win the game Maclin fumbled it (also their kicker sucks and missed several). This week they driving to try to tie the game and the pass goes through Desean Jackson's arms and he kicks the ball up in the air and it's picked off. Also the Eagles defense is terrible, I don't see how they can go on that big spending spree, get all kinds of unneccessary free agents, and leave their linebacking corps that bad. The safties of the Eagles have also been a big weakness for them, and they don't play to their corners strengths. The Eagles still have an Elite offense and can score very quickly, but the turnovers are killing them.
  10. Yep he if spikes the ball there they win this game. Was saving 2-3 seconds really worth a timeout? P.S. The refs are huge dumb@sses, the guy was clearly down with 2 seconds and they refused to put time back on the clock. The refs totally screwed South Carolina at the end.
  11. There's no need to feel sorry for Nutt that team is freaking terrible. Inexperience has nothing to do with athletic ability, that offense had not one playmaker on it and Zack Stoudt is mind blowingly awful. Ole Miss has been getting worse and worse after his first few seasons, and they are not going to get back to relevance under Nutt. I will say their defense wasn't terrible, not great but decent. Not to mention Nutt recruits awful qbs, and their passing game has never been great under him.
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