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  1. Hey man I'm not offended by the Asian GIFs at all but could you shave your avatar's beard please? Obscenely long facial hair isn't worth anything unless you are our starting center LOL.
  2. The offseason just keeps getting better for the Atlanta Falcons!
  3. For a guy who was without internet for four years you sure seem addicted to it now.
  4. Did you have cable TV? Or did you guys just watch a bunch of old VHS tapes like Eskimoes?
  5. I wasn't going to respond to this click bait thread but "you got me" when you said "you are a decades Falcons fan" but you have only had this account since March 2015??? Where you been man?
  6. We got two first round talents on DEFENSE
  7. My humble opinion is that you are probably the worst judge of NFL talent I have ever seen!
  8. Not a whole different club but a club with which we can rebuild on. This year will be a learning year for which players can actually play and then next year, we can put the pieces in place to make it a winning franchise. Then, hopefully soon like within the next three years or so, we can start putting together a superbowl winning franchise for the future. AGREED!
  9. I can Digg it! Take Dorsey-Flacco- and then Sam Baker & Chilo Rachal. We'd be a whole different club!
  10. Remember Dan Mcguire? He had the height to see over linemen too.... Let's not forget the towering Brett Farve and Steve Young...oh wait...they were only 6-2...I wouldn't take into consideration that the kid is like 6-7 as being a great player. Plenty on taller QBs have had batted balls, while smaller ones-with smarts know where to place the ball...Flacco played out of the Shotgun-makes QBs look great-but it's easier for them to read defenses...and that is a BIG DEAL in this league-Andre Ware looks GREAT along with David Klingler coming out of spread type offenses and floundered-horribly. Flacc
  11. I would trade our #68 and one of next years picks if we could get Cromartie.
  12. Don't take my word for it NFL Draft Scouts.com says he has a windmill wind-up. With 0ver 100 deflections in college I don't see this guy as the answer. They did say he is reminescent of Drew Brees which if true bodes well for the former "Petrino Product." I however would say he's more like David Carr.
  13. According to NFL draft scout.com Henne is most comparable to Joey Harrington. He's had 30 passes intercepted and 138 passes deflected by the opposition. If he stinks this bad in college guess what he'll do in the NFL. I'll throwup if we draft this bum! Link http://www.sportsline.com/nfl/players/draft/517291
  14. To me I don't care if he played weaker competition. Accuracy, arm strength and the heigth to see over towering lineman...this is what I want in a QB. What I don't want is guys like Brohm and Henne who just get too many passes deflected. These guys have no chance to develop into the proto-typical size that Flacco has but Flacco can learn the game and gain experience!
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