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  1. Yep. But dumping off because none of your downfield receivers are open after reading the defense/going through your progressions and dumping off because it's your primary means of getting your receivers the ball are two different things. Besides, Ryan had twice as many attempts as Shockley and no running game to fall back on. Anytime your passing game has to cover for no running game, your YPA is gonna go down. And don't tell me UGA had no running game that year. When you have a QB who only throws for 2,500 yards, you're a running team. I don't care if there was a RBBC that year - I bet those
  2. NEWSFLASH:Those 24 TD's were in the SEC, not in the NFL. Those are his most current stats.... and he did that in a running offense. His recievers were not stellar either if you truly believe that if D.J. came out this year that he would have been a late first to second rd pick I truly feel sorry for you. That's implying that he's better than Henne and Brohm. You UGA fans are so ridiculous
  3. Yeah... you see, the thing is is that all those QBs you listed have at least some measure of talent. DJ doesn't. Do you wanna know what DJ's job essentially was during his one and only year of playing football in a league where his competition wasn't other children? 1) Hand off to the stud RB. 2) Dump off to the stud RB and let him handle the other 20-60 yards on the "long" pass play. 3) Hand off to the stud RB. 4) Throw the occasional 30 yard wobbler to the sideline and wait for your athletically superior WR to grab the jump ball from the little Gamecock DB. 5) Hand off to the stud RB.
  4. I've given my anaysis, let's see yours. Explain to me how he realistically gets real playing time. 1. Redmon.... 1-3...could've won 1 more. 2. Harrington....flat out terrible...holds the ball too long...indecisive...no pocket presense/awareness....throws too many INTs. 3. Matt Ryan....well...72 million can't sit for too long.... So having said that, if Shockley stays healthy....he'll be the #2 with Ryan starting and handing off the ball. Very weak argument, you can't do better than that? Last time I checked #2 is sitting on the bench. And it's Redman, not Redmon. Your reprisal may bec
  5. isn't it amazing how a guy who, according to the NFL, "has no career stats" in 3 yrs and played 1 season of football in 4 yrs of college is somehow, according the absurd UGA homers on this board, capable of making the team over Harrington or Redman? un-#####ing-real
  6. Hasselbeck, Brees, and Schaub were all drafted well before the sixth round. Every other player on your list also started in college for at least three years. Shockley played 1!!!!
  7. lololol.........now that's some funny #####..............lolololololololololololol to put shockely and anderson in the same sentence is so unbelievably insulting to Anderson it's not even funny. Why not just say Jimmy Williams is our Derek Anderson? It's just as likely. What is so hard to understand?? Shockley has played ONE.....(ONE!!!!!!!!!!) season of football in the past six years!!!!!!!!!! SIX YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why are you such a hater. redman hadnt played real football in 3 years. atleast shock was on the pratice field. which is playing football. played pres
  8. Barry Sanders and Jim Brown say hello not even close
  9. Vick is the greatest singular talent to ever play in the National Football League. He's one in a billion and light years ahead of his time. I've thought this for a while.....the game was simply too slow for him, no one knew what to do with him, he's a freak. Watch him play, watch the defensive coordinators adjust for him, listen to what opposing head coaches had to say about him before you listen to what the media does. The (largely) white media was scared of Vick. They didn't know how to talk about him. He intimadated the old timers. Just look at him and VY. The comparison is ridiculou
  10. awesome!!! keep the good vibes and positive outlook comin'
  11. lol lol....I'm pretty sure I'd rather have this delicious Dr. Pepper I'm drinking or this Marlboro Light I'm about to smoke take snaps before Shockley
  12. he's the best red zone threat that's on the roster. however, with White, Robinson, and eventually Douglas all above him on the depth chart, I don't see him getting a lot of chances to prove his worth. Douglas will be really good
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