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  1. There's no doubt they can run the ball. They have 2 MONSTER guards playing tackle. I love Cordy, but man he's not a LT. And Bean at RT is just baffling.
  2. It definitely appears that UGA has the players to win. Although I'm super worried about our tackles. Man they looked terrible off the ball today.
  3. Yes. We were 6-7 last year. We're 6-9 over the pass 2 years. Of course we're looking for moderate improvement at this point.
  4. Well. They played hard. And I definitely saw enough from them to feel like we can win any game we play this year. Now time to fix the mistakes. I feel much better about this game than the last.
  5. Yeah I would. The last 3 South Carolina drives our defense has got MAN HANDLED on running plays.
  6. Man our defense sucks. Thank god Steven Garcia blew chunks for half the game.
  7. They haven't blocked a defensive ******* end all ******** day. ****
  8. Our tackles are the worst pass protectors I've ever seen at UGA
  9. Seriously. Why does our team stare at the sideline for audibles now?
  11. They have to get Bean out of the game. Whoever thought he could play RT needs to be fired.
  12. Solid hardfought game. Crowell looks good. The run blocking looks good overall, our tackles aren't even coming close to being able to protect the QB. They're getting blown by in their stances. D looks pretty good. They need to get Garcia on the ground behind the LOS, but that's no easy task.
  13. I think the offensive playcalling is way better. Outside of that playaction call right into an overload blitz that nearly got Aaron killed, I think the game has been called solidly. Having 2 guards playing the 2 tackle spots is a nightmare. How do we have no natural tackle prospects ready to play?
  14. So we can't use I this year? This is silly. God. UGA fans are enablers. Could you imagine Nick Saban not being able to run his offense? Richt has been here 10 years and we don't have the personel to run the I formation.
  15. They didn't even try the I until the 3rd offensive possesion. They weren't forced into shotgun. They never even made an attempt to really use the I.
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