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  1. Why don't you wait until you see him play 1 full season because you start hating on him. Just because Vick is not coming back is not a reason to hate on Ryan. Give the poor guy a chance to succeed. This is your team; wouldn't want to see your team succeed?
  2. Walker is already not happy on the Broncos because he lost the 1st receiver position. He is due a big $5M bonus by March 4th so he will either need to renegotiate, traded or be waived a la Alge Crumpler. He would fit in pretty good in this system and he can really go after balls! Thoughts?
  3. I agree is sounds far fetched, but this city would forgive him in a NY minute. Mr. Blank is the one or other Head Personnel may prevent Vick from coming back.
  4. I didn't think it was possible at first, but I see that this town is softening to this idea and it may not happen until 2009, but until then the Falcons may shore up their O-Line, draft a good RB, some WRs and a Kicker. Everything else is gravy. Can you imagine what it would be like with a solid O-Line and a real RB threat AND Vick. If nothing else, the stadium would be sold out every week!
  5. You make good points on most, but I feel the main reason that this team would NOT be attractive to a new coach is the strong prima dona attitudes that a few of these players have. A new coach would have to make the unpopular decision to dump these cancerous players or suck up to them (like Mora did). Bill Parcells lived through one season with T.O. he didn't want to go to a team that had 2 or 3 T.O. like players. Yes, they are good players but they also put a tax on the whole team. There are enough issues with this team to add in the issues with all the player's attitudes.
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