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  1. Aside from hating the Saints I am disgusted with the NFL and the no calls.They just touched on this subject on NFL channel and said the same thing we all must have been thinking. Where where the flags,if it where Brady,Manning and I am not afraid to say it,Matt Ryan the flag would have been thrown,for some reason not for Favre.That is the reason for my gripe. But to answer your statement/question.Do I want the Saints to win just so the NFC south can have one,WTF???? Tampa won one not to long ago,with a bad QB and a stud defense.If I want anyone in the NFC south win one its Atlanta,So I will just have to keep hating.You sound like an fair weather fan anyway.The Saints could use you full time now,straw hats are cheap.
  2. Ok I will start off by saying as i can't stand the Saints congrats for the trip to the SB. That said what the **** was going on Sunday? I have never seen more bad calls and no calls in my life.Favre was hit late a few dozen times.They lowered there heads,attacked the knees,etc. I'm sorry but if it was Brady,Manning or even our own Ryan there would have been a few 15 yard penalties called. I am not going to say that it was rigged or anything like that,but it was atrocious to watch.I don't mind the no calls if it was like that across the board.I am tired of seeing things favored for a specific player or two and no parody that is supposed to make the NFL and pulling for your favorite team so great.In the NFL you can go from worst to first and not have to be the richest owner to do so,if you draft well,game plan and study hard you have the chance to change things in a hurry.....Or so it used to be.Now it's if your city has a disaster and it makes for good tv or your last name is Brady or your team logo is patriotic they not only favor you but change rules to protect you and keep you on top. If this is the game that it is evolving to then I wonder how anyone will pass up college or even a great high school game for the NFL(if it was played on the same day) for this unless your a Pats fan. I love football,played rec,middle, high school (5A),no college because I quit like a idiot.Played semi pro for the pride(the team that became the Force).I love this game,but what I witnessed last Sunday was a joke.Hitting the QB is fine,I played as a LB,So I am all for it.But I could not get passed the fact that I was watching the NFL/refs help decide the outcome of the game. What I take from this is,the NFL has pushed an icon for the game out of the league.Favre will not return ( I think ) and why?because of money,rating or business. I would have loved to see Favre go grab another ring,his 40 year old butt carried MIN as far as they went.But if your going to allow late hits like that then I say let everyone tee off on the QB,but then what about Ryan?Do we want to see him take a beating like that,how long would any QB last in the NFL if that was going to be again?Favre and McNair tough players at that position are very rare.We may have one in Big Ben,but how will The Jets,The Vikings **** how will Atlanta build a elite team/franchise with handicapped rules.Because unless the games will have the same rules for every team then who knows whats in store for the players,owners and worse the Fans. Rant over-
  3. Sounds like a undercover fan to me.I bet you wear a straw hat to ride that wagon huh?Why bother post these boards if you want to call everyone stupid or and I quote,go do some research. We did have the worst kicker of the season.I could care less what stats say. We had a pro bowl kicker a true vet,blow 3 games for sure with missed kicks. We had 4 teams fresh and healthy from a bye while he where banged up and rested as early as possible.Sorry the NFL did not want us to be ready for the post season IMO. I agree other teams had similar injuries.Who lost there pro bowl running back and there number 1 draft pick QB R.O.T.Y,slot and when we finally see corner that can play what happens.Out for the year. Not to mention that Abe lost his pass rush!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Ok so who else had 4 teams coming off a bye????? Hmmmm,,no problem I will wait.
  5. The OC play calling sometimes baffles me,as any team has these issues unless they work then any fan will call them genius. Ryan has had a decent year without the help of our O line and the solid run game we had last year. Our defense has been solid against the run the last few weeks and made me proud,they are maturing well as a unit,playing physical.This will carry over to next season and allow us to add depth at other needed slots rather then trying to fix issues at hand. Turner,Norwood and Snelling are great Solid,Turner is a monster and Norwood play with heart yesterday. Ryan has leaned on 88 a little to heavy this season but White and Jenkins are not wide open either,the line has not bought any time for them to get open and Gozo can box out,Ryan is not trying to force passes and throw picks so he is throwing to his open option. The run game has been ok at best this season allowing teams to run 7 man fronts or blitz like crazy. All that said. Elam blowing 2 games with missing FG's sealed the deal. Remember this is a TEAM sport and the Offense and Defense rely on the Special teams to get those points when they are there. We could have been the first team to take out the Saints @ there house,Carolina we missed a FG for the lead. We blew the NY game with a nice Elam shank. I would rather 6 then 3 on a drive but lets get real it wont happen every time,but leaving points on the field and changing the Down and Distance game is crucial. Lest make a run @ the cursed back to back winning seasons,go out on a 3 game streak,get healthy,draft well and make a few moves and come back strong for 2010. All the haters who need a team to wagon ride with I hear Dallas or NE is still taking fair weather fans until Xmas.
  6. With us having to travel to the Giants this Sunday I am not sure we don't have a second loss in a row. That said I am not so sure we won't win the next three @ home with tampa,mo and philly coming to town. The last two road games we have are the jets and tampa both games I think we will win. If we keep letting either Ryan lean on TG or whatever is going on,with Turner who will likely miss this week also to have him fresh @ home the next three weeks,Ryan needs to step up and stop the happy feet. Defense makes enough plays to allow us to win but asking a offense to score over 24 points a game is tough in the NFL. If you look @ our losses the defense could have played better but so could our offense. I personally think we will be one and done in the play-offs again this year and major changes will happen again. I think we will 2-0 Tampa,beat NO @ home,Philly @ home,Buffalo @ home,Jets we win on the road. The Giants we are going to get our *** handed to us in every phase. Its good and bad we have a weak run at the end of the year,good for record and play-off shot. Bad because we are not going to be playing our best football going into the play-offs. Sorry to say but our O-line is not played well to be nice at all.
  7. I would like to start off by saying I think Ryan is our future and I believe in him 100% That said White has been left out to dry and TG is hi go to man and it is old.He leans on him way to much. If we are going to have a WC season we need to spread the ball around. The play calling has been a joke at time to be nice and we have left way to many point on the field. Missed 6 against NO when Ryan tried to force it to TG when running the ball worked so well.No back of the end zone when your man should be the only one with a play on the ball? Whats up with Elam?????? 6 points pissed away once again. Our Defense has looked better then our offense the last 2-3 weeks,We have had our chances to put teams away, Dallas and NO but rather to go for it,we punt. And I for one am tired of seeing either Ryan getting pressured and trying to run for it every other play or our line getting beat and hanging him out to dry. I though our offense was vast improved but I was wrong,looks great on paper but we have a ton to do.
  8. Why waste the server space on Show boat Sanders? The only thing he is consistent with is the polish he uses to shine that dome of his, He is a hater.
  9. Sorry but the offense lost it IMO.the D was tired as ****. I know they could have stopped them but when they did we gave it right back 3 and punt.
  10. So you did not watch the game? They went 3 and out after the half like it was in style. The team who went in @ the half lost something when Turner funbled,then the TD called back seemed to kill the teams desire IMO. The top O you say we have did not make the trip that day,because no one played like they could have,just be honest.
  11. Sorry but We are supposed to be some juggernaut offense. White,Gozo,Jenk,Turner,Ovie,Ryan etc etc. Again this is why we play on Sunday because on paper we look like a beast. To bad a breast is who showed up. We should be able to put up more then 26 points. If we put up more points would NE have had a chance to score like they did late? Did our PRO team lay down because some ref fuéd a call that cost us 6? I will say the coaching was rather safe to be nice. Not a fan of punting when we have to score,so what if they get the ball back,you can't win if you don't put the ball in the hands of your offense. Why did we get Turner? 4th and 3 with him and Ovie or even Snelling. The coaching needs a gut check,the defense did not even try and blitz. The play calling for the offense was a joke. TOTAL TEAM LOSS,no one played well. All that said I have faith we will get it corrected and have the back to back winning season. But when you have a team like NE on the ropes with a winning scheme to slap them around and you play pop warner ball,don't expect much out of the team unless playing the Lions or Rams.
  12. In a game like this we do not run for a first with him or Ovie? I love Ryan but that is a running backs time to earn his pay. I hated to see Turner fumble on a sure TD drive and a TD called back from Ryan to jenk but with the game on the line we punt on the 38 yd line? WTF With our final time of possession we run twice and then third and 3 we roll out and not run it 4 times for the first. Bad coaching. NE went for it on 4th and 3 with the lead,BB has balls and we have none.
  13. I don't know,maybe two teams who won the divisions last year? And sorry to say the Aints will look bad in a NFC south match I could care less what you think wk 2 Aints fans are fair weather at its finest.
  14. 1-Brees is playing great right now,no one will argue. BUT it is all big play. If #5 was on the field you might not win that point shootout. 2-Your defense is better then last year but again YOU have not played anyone.Philly is not the same without #5. You can say that the defense is the same but I know this to be fact,they are on the same team and are not sold on Kolb yet. The offense had so many turnovers which led to short field for NO. I am not trying to take anything away from the Aints right now but come on. If NE week 3 coming off a loss is not a scary situation because Brady did not look 100% last week then your stupid.if you think that the Bills wont expose your flaws week 3 think again. Both teams have a tough week Atl being the tougher IMO.But we do have a nice pass rush and could cause Brady to be off key the entire game. We do not have the CB to cover Moss so pressure will be key.If Welker is back it is a shoot out till the end. But dont think the the Aints wont look suspect wk3 You wont cover TO and he will open up the run and other receivers to show holes in the NO pass coverage. I look for the Aints to play zone and get beat on by the same poison they dish(THE BIG PLAY) I also will look to see NO play a team that will control the clock and tire that D and then see how they play with a cold offense that lost the time of possession battle. Here is the truth. Its wk3 and both the Falcons and the 2nd place NFC south team lol have to play all 16 games this year so until the end of wk10 I personally dont know what will happen. But I wont dub either team the NFC powerhouse.
  15. We all see that the Aint loaded up to stop the run and got picked apart by the philly pass game. The inexperience of Kolb was 3 ints,if McNabb was healthy Philly would have smash you. You would have had to respect the pass from him and Westbrook would have tore the Aints apart. Lets see what you do when you guys play someone with a real pass threat and run game this season.
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