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  1. I merely made an observation. This isn't a negative thread. It's simply an observation.
  2. that is a good call. I can def. see Houston liking Dunn better than Samkon Gado!
  3. I just cannot beleive this is the coaching staff that got Mike Smith hired. Mike Smith is the colon of the NFL. He assembles t.u.r.d.s.
  4. We've gotten a big chunk of poo from the last place dolphins. A nugget from the phenominal rams. and a peanut from the raiders. We even tracked down a piece of fudge that we flushed into a south carolina toilet. Are we trying to collect a full ##### here? Isn't there anyone from the Jets we can get? Chiefs?
  5. Exactly my point. We may have rushed into this decision, just so we could hire a bunch of dolphins/oakland/STL/ coaches. That is the trifecta of shame. Three last place teams sending their coaches to the fourth last place team. Greatness.
  6. I wish Jamaal could be referred to as YKW. That way I wouldn't have to type his name out every time. There are three 'a''s in his name, do you realized how inconvenient that is.
  7. Just when I had almost given up the fight. You say something crazy like that, and make me realize why I was put on this earth. I was put here, to make people realize that Jamaal is a bust. THANK YOU!!
  8. I got flamed because I wanted to discuss last years draft. I thought it was a good topic, to look back, and see how we did. I was flamed because I called Jamaal a bum. That is why no one is talking anymore. Everyone is afraid to get flamed by the flamers.
  9. It's going to be tough to be optimistic if we choose Matt Ryan in the 1st.
  10. The more we read his stories, and the more we comment on them, the longer he will have a job.
  11. I'm talking healthy, just the way it is, right now? How do you rate each starter? LT Gandy LG Blalock C McClure RG Forney RT Weiner Who do you think needs to lose their starting position, and would you replace them with. I'm thinking that we'll pick up a B rated FA, and we may draft one maybe in the 2nd or 3rd. What are your thoughts on that scenario?
  12. This is an INTERVENTION!!! And Jamaal needs it. We picked a guy 8th overall, and we need to do something with him. Put an end to him stealing money!
  13. not that we have to worry about that. It doesn't matter what he does in 5 years. He was drafted top 10 a.k.a. Immediate impact draft position. The SECOND DE TAKEN!! AND HE SUCKED AT IT. If the DE position was weak in 07, then we should have said PASS. We drafted a bum and we'll pay for it, for several years.
  14. I'm all for a DT as the first pick. I've flip flopped alot from OL to DT... But I feel a great DT pick, would be reinforcement for last years #1 pick.
  15. Give Jamaal a grade. A-F. on his 07 performance. I'm sure you guys are going to give a's b pluses, and etc... And you know that that is BS. He gets a D from me. A D-. He was drafted 8th, but perfoms like he was drafted in the 5th round.
  16. If it wasn't because you're a sorry, sorry person i would post video evidence, but why should i waste time on this? Yes, he did generate pressure, and actually Montavious Stanley prevented Jamaal in getting a sack when he collided with Jamaal as he was gonna sack a QB (can't remember which game, but it was one of the last). I think Jamaal prevented Montavious from getting a sack. So he pressure 1 play, in 16 games. That's pretty good for a rookie right? a rookie TE at that?
  17. He had a good year. He had the stats to make him a high paid player... And he struck when the iron was hot. McKay was the only ##### stupid enough to draft him top 10.
  18. How much pressure did he generate? He was pushed back 4-5 yards every down. The pocket NEVER collapsed on the left side all year. How many excuses can you guys make for him?
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