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  1. For a 6th round and conditional future, not too bad -- even if it doesn't pan out -- my guess would be the conditional being cheap then.
  2. Atlanta 2nds/3rds vs Jets 1sts -- I feel pretty good about this -- I know we are not looking too hot, but still. this is all learning time.
  3. I saw some rushing ... time for some more beer!
  4. Thoughts the jets fans were smarter (sic) .... that was an obvious hold.
  5. Jets fans, "this is better than with Rex how?" I respect Bowles, but they haven't looked too good. Feels good to watch -- last nights browns vs bills game was a big steamy mess.
  6. that little guy ran pretty good -- slow mo, but good
  7. You and your uncle have my prayers! I'm sure of the rest of the Falcons nation are there with you. Remember that tomorrow can always be better than today!
  8. Time to go to the pool. This game is so over. If I were Smith, I would ask Nolan to leave the field. His defense is awful and it couldn't get worse.
  9. I'm now on the fence. I honestly want to see them come out and just fire Koetter NOW. The play calling is pathetic. BTW -- I hate Heath Evans. He's punchable.
  10. The idea of trading our best QB ever is stupid -- I think if we hinted he was on the market, theres a lot of teams that would jump into the "Ice" pool. @fibonacci nailed it -- all top quarterbacks have had bad years. This one's Matt's, hopefully he can get it turned around and get some wins. He's actually throwing pretty good (with exception of the Patriots game). I think if anything needs to be traded, it's the outdated plays -- they are predictable. I can call it from the stands based on the way they are lined up, time to get a bright OC. Oh yeah, some OLine and an entire Defense would be nice.
  11. Thanks for this post. It is spot on. I've been sulking and ticked off all week, but in the end -- the wheels are gone, they not only fell off -- they were stolen. In the end, people are complaining about depth -- I say that we've had some depth, just not developed because we've had starters in front of them the past couple/few years -- so no one really had snaps. This year, virtually all key starters have gotten hurt. Yes, does Smith's and the other coaches calls tick me off -- but by no means do you fire Smith. Also, I like Nolan and Hill. I'm not too keen on Koetter, but he's who we currently got. Let's pray other key players don't get hurt and we get some wins. Go Falcons! Keep being competitive. Besides the Patriots game (which we came back on), we've been competitive -- so keep it up and some of the calls and plays will hopefully go their way.
  12. OK Spoon, if you really want to scare the OLine - you have to stomp your right foot and scream "HAAAAA!"
  13. Bryant - Honestly, it won't hurt. All you'll have to do is turn your head and cough.
  14. Nice post, I share your optimism and trust in TD. He and the whole staff have proven themselves. They are consumate professionals, own up to mistakes, always pass credit, and take blame -- must be a good place to work. Keep it up TD! Can't wait for the draft, TC, and Fall to come back around.
  15. Bring him Back! Then draft a fat guy in the middle and a bunch of fast guys behind them. I wouldn't have any problem if we went all D this draft and forced some competition during camp.
  16. That guy is out of position a ton. Need to take care of that issue during bye week. Also, need to deal with running game.
  17. Seriously, first the NFL at the end of the day is the top level employer governing the individual corporations -- so they can do pretty much anything they **** well please and if they don't do something. Our stupid idiot government is going to get involve and spend our tax dollars on something that they shouldn't even get involved in simply because they feel it looks good in the court of public opinion. Regarding the no-evidence thing, has everyone forgotten the original reports that came out and investigation results that quoted multiple emails and Saints insiders -- what about that moron that got involved from outside the organization and donated $50G's. The evidence is there. Even if there's not proof of money going into the players hands, the fact that multiple fingers are point in that way are enough for an employer to take action. I say -- release all the documents -- let's watch the whole effing Saints organization melt down under the in-fighting and inuendo. Do you really think that Payton and Williams would have went down this easy. Williams didn't even appeal. Seriously people! Pull it together, there's enough smoke there to have this fly.
  18. The legal issue of a Defamation lawsuit is what was said is blocking potential future earnings. In addition, there generally has to be some level of malicious intent demonstrated -- so neglegance or repeating what someone told you would not result in Defamation. In Vilma's suit he is stating that Goodell purposely lied, pegging Vilma as the primary contributor and did so with the intent of harming Vilma. I don't see how any court will see this as being case -- except one in LA. The reality is this is the employer imposing a penalty, just like someone is put on administrative leave without pay. It happens when someone makes a mistake while on duty or performs outside the normal boundries of their employer's expectations in a negative way. I would have suggested that Vilma hang on to his money instead of paying a lawyer. That all being said, Goodell has a job to protect the NFL brand. If he did not come down hard on these players and the organization, yes make an example of them, he would then likely be found neglegent for failing to act in light of the player safety concerns. Folks, you can't have it both ways, protect the players and allow them to to act without boundries. The talking heads and mouths on the radio need to be careful when openly villifying Goodell, he's trying to save all their livelihoods!
  19. Couldn't have said it better ... as a dude who is in his 40's, there's enough life challenges that can quickly result in having a good day or a bad day, thus -- you have to be level headed and remember there's always tomorrow. I could only imagine with a screwed up hormone level (because of different PEDs) as well as areas of the brain just not firing right -- that those days when things get bad, they get really bad. I fully support Goodell, as much as folks (radio punks) say he has too much power, he's protecting the longer term life of the NFL brand, the game we love, and the game the players love. They need to get that in their heads, he's doing what he has to do -- not to mention, if he does nothing -- the amount of lawsuits is going to grow exponentially.
  20. It means -- he quit, but we retain contract rights
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