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  1. For a 6th round and conditional future, not too bad -- even if it doesn't pan out -- my guess would be the conditional being cheap then.
  2. Atlanta 2nds/3rds vs Jets 1sts -- I feel pretty good about this -- I know we are not looking too hot, but still. this is all learning time.
  3. I saw some rushing ... time for some more beer!
  4. Thoughts the jets fans were smarter (sic) .... that was an obvious hold.
  5. Jets fans, "this is better than with Rex how?" I respect Bowles, but they haven't looked too good. Feels good to watch -- last nights browns vs bills game was a big steamy mess.
  6. that little guy ran pretty good -- slow mo, but good
  7. You and your uncle have my prayers! I'm sure of the rest of the Falcons nation are there with you. Remember that tomorrow can always be better than today!
  8. Time to go to the pool. This game is so over. If I were Smith, I would ask Nolan to leave the field. His defense is awful and it couldn't get worse.
  9. I'm now on the fence. I honestly want to see them come out and just fire Koetter NOW. The play calling is pathetic. BTW -- I hate Heath Evans. He's punchable.
  10. The idea of trading our best QB ever is stupid -- I think if we hinted he was on the market, theres a lot of teams that would jump into the "Ice" pool. @fibonacci nailed it -- all top quarterbacks have had bad years. This one's Matt's, hopefully he can get it turned around and get some wins. He's actually throwing pretty good (with exception of the Patriots game). I think if anything needs to be traded, it's the outdated plays -- they are predictable. I can call it from the stands based on the way they are lined up, time to get a bright OC. Oh yeah, some OLine and an entire Defense would be nice.
  11. Thanks for this post. It is spot on. I've been sulking and ticked off all week, but in the end -- the wheels are gone, they not only fell off -- they were stolen. In the end, people are complaining about depth -- I say that we've had some depth, just not developed because we've had starters in front of them the past couple/few years -- so no one really had snaps. This year, virtually all key starters have gotten hurt. Yes, does Smith's and the other coaches calls tick me off -- but by no means do you fire Smith. Also, I like Nolan and Hill. I'm not too keen on Koetter, but he's who we currently got. Let's pray other key players don't get hurt and we get some wins. Go Falcons! Keep being competitive. Besides the Patriots game (which we came back on), we've been competitive -- so keep it up and some of the calls and plays will hopefully go their way.
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