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  1. Two things... 1. Dude must run some great routes because he seemed to be open a lot 2. He has great hands - the stretch one handed catches were great FINALLY... NICKNAME = Sunshine
  2. So, I went to training camp on Friday morning and now have the itch for some football. So I signed up for the $14 nfl.com/gamerewind subscription. I've watched 3 games, and in all 3 ('aints gm1, giants, cowgirls) Houston was fried, burned, and left in a pile of ashes. It wasn't that he was out ran, he was step for step in most cases - he just always had his back to the play. Then when the guy came up with the catch, he would be waving his arms like it was incomplete ... but I now realized, he was trying to put the flames out because he just got burned. I'm so happy with the news coming ou
  3. That dude really needs to lay off the kool aid, here's why we will beat Pittsburg Turner is better going into this year that he was last year. Our receiving corps looks solid -- and TALL, with the only exception being HD. Ryan is rolling into his 3rd year and seems more relaxed. Gonzo - nuff said. Gonzo gets his 1,000th Jerry is back. Robinson is on board. Owens and Grimes were gaining steam. Spoon running all over the place. Abe, Beer, and Sid doling it out old school.
  4. Sidbury - he has one year of Speacial Teams and some snap experience. He's still a rook.
  5. Not when one of them is named Jamal Anderson, one is a rookie, and Chauncy Davis who has averaged < 2 sacks per year in his 5 year career.
  6. We are carrying five DE's -- one of which is JA98. So, we need some depth -- Adewale Ogunleye has had some production during his career, averaging 7 sacks per year. He'll bring some much needed veteran leadership.
  7. Seems to be a thumper and gets to the ball quickly. Someone posted something about playing the ball more, and that would be a very good thing for this kid. But he seems like he will be a good fit in our tampa-2 scheme.
  8. Kerry -- I don't know if you or any of your friends are scanning these boards, but your new extended family is praying for you and here for you!
  9. Wolf seems to have some nice hands and seems to find gaps well. Meier appears to have solid route running skills and good hands as well. Being a former quarterback, he's going to be a good friend of Matty Ice.
  10. The only time I've seen him make a play was on one run. He's made one stop in the back field -- he's old, that's why we didn't resign him. Get over it. I'll take this loss on the chin, but the only thing that Kieth had going for him was his character. Today he showed zero class, by being the most vocal cheerleader on their sideline. It's not like his time here in Atlanta was not respected and he wasn't sent out with respect. Much like my old Vick jersey -- my Brooking jersey officially goes in the trash.
  11. I used to be a big fan of him too, he is acting like a total jack-a -- he deserves to be clocked at the end of this game. Also, "he's playing well" -- what are you talking about -- he's had two tackles -- BFD.
  12. Everything I'm reading ... doesn't sound like he, nor anyone had a good day in FB. This is the 6th day of camp -- so I imagine the wear of camp + stress of HD and Roddy = they are worn out
  13. Love the post topic ... but let me give it another twist ... Let this be a lesson learned for all WR in the NFL, don't mess with Chris Owens In all seriousness, hope that Harry makes a come back -- he seems like a good kid and good WR. And I hope this incident doesn't get in the head of Chris Owens. I've read other folks account of things on the boards and I spoke to a friend of mine that made it out there and saw most of it go down, he felt that the push off was normal WR/CB one-on-one coverage.
  14. Both points are being made by most folks in the media now and I think most rational thinkers believe that Roddy will be in camp with either Dimitroff contract or under his current contract.
  15. It's all over the twitter world ... http://twitter.com/#search?q=Harry%20Douglas BTW -- I hate twitter
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