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  1. Gee, no im not a bucs fan, Your opinon means as little to me as colt brennans TD record....lol
  2. This is unbelievable how can there still be brennan fans here, there is a big differance between the game Mcfadden had, and colt 1st: mcfadden's so called bad game was 100 yards and a TD, not to mention that he's been running all over the top competition in college football this year, he's proved what he can do. Brennan hadn't played anyone respectable until GA, and look what happened, he was exposed as a gimmick QB in a weak ##### conference. Brennan doesnt even look like he could be an nfl back-up
  3. Hey on a different note, how do i pute a quote that appear everytime i post like u guys, or a picture/Sig???
  4. That is why i feel kinda worried about this, not trying to be negative, but i dont want to end up with another Bobby POOtrino...lol
  5. I agree with u guys totally, hopefully we can get someone good. Singletary and rex ryan would be awesome
  6. Hawaii looks overmatched, I hope this turns out to be a good game, but so far it looks like GA is gonna blow them out... Hawaii defense looked tired on the first Ga drive... we'll see, hopefully it turns out to be a close one to the end
  7. Why are blank and mckay not moving faster, by now we should have had our gm, and hiring our head coach... they had a month ahead of every other team, and we dont seem to be doing much... I have a bad feeling about this.. thoughts??
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