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  1. honestly i don't want to hear any Falcons fans talking trash, our season is over, yea the saints got beat last week, but we had to set a record for the worst *** whooping ever in the history of a playoff game, how many times have you seen the back up QB finish the game in the playoffs, that was just embarressing, Saints>Falcons, we cant talk, hopefully we'll get it right one day

  2. The truth is the truth, everyhting everyone said about us has been proved time and time again, IF only we could have played Carolina again, we could have all kept kidding ourselves that the Falcons had a chance @ the superbowl

  3. I really think it is our coaching, we have very average coaching, we had a week off to rest/prepare ourselves, and I don't see anything special in our offense of defense.

    Greenbay looks more pre-pared off a short week to prepare

    Fire Mularkey, Fire Van-Gorder. Coach SMith gets another yeaer

  4. I want to hijack this thread since i can't create new ones.

    Will someone please go to the Saints board and post that stiff arm video and let them know that while they are rooting for certain teams to lose, thier season ended last week.

    please give those fools a reality check.

  5. congrats on ur new baby, no offense to you I know your excited, but why do people think we want to know about thier kids?

    I've seen "There's a new falcons fan" a bunch of times I can't even count, congrats but this isn't the parenthood message board.

    Again Congrats, and I know your excited so enjoy your new family, hopefully you can have a great falcons win to share with them tomorrow.

  6. even after the game was in the bag for Seattle, the stupid announcer was trying so hard to throw in the stupid katrina ********.

    I wish someone could quote it, it was something like N.O. gave hope to the city ideoligcally and some other mess...I couldn't believe the non sense that they were saying, almost as if they wanted some miracle to happen and give the saints the game...kinda like last yeatr

  7. RYNE15 SAID:

    We gotta stop turning the ball over or we are not going to make it outta the first playoff game no matter who we play. This is a bad time to start making dumb mistakes. We are **** lucky Carolina isn't good enough to capitalize on our screwups

    funny how quick a win will change your perspective, from not making it out of the 1st rnd to "We Dat" LMAO, make up your mind OP.


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