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  1. Hahaha Your a complete ******* moron. Through and through. Grow up kid. Get laid.

  2. give me the link please. i'll +1 u right away.

  3. Link please man, cheers

  4. 13 year old virgins and thier opinions lol

  5. Just donated $5.23, Couldn't spare the 20, but i'll do 5.23 to support coach smith and the team. D.Hall is a clown by the way ,and lmao at the .23 cent idea and i listed my email as, i'll try and donate more later
  6. Congrats to both of u, I just got engaged as well, im getting married on Oct 9 2010. Wish i could have proposed at the Falcons game though, that would have been sweet.....for me, lol