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  1. The real down fall of the super bowl watch 24 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=x82XxhYZXzY
  2. 26. Green Bay Packers: D Pete Prisco: Terrible move by the Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rodgers told me last summer he wants to play until he's 40. They needed a receiver. They needed defensive help. Sitting behind Rodgers will do Love well, but not going to do the Packers well. You're on the cusp of getting to a Super Bowl, get Rodgers some help.
  3. Y’all do know that the Falcons colors are a derivative of Georgia colors don’t you? Rankin Smith sr went to Georgia and thats how the Falcons got their original colors
  4. Don’t mess with big man!
  5. I remember hearing about this pass along time ago and was surprised I actually found a write up about it. Later in this same article it mentions Brett throwing a ball from his own end zone to a wide receiver on the opposing teams 18 yard line. Tulane. Enter Favre, 17 years old and hungover from a late night of beer drinking (he didn’t expect to play). The plan had been to red-shirt Favre. The plan was scuttled. On his first play from scrimmage, Favre took a short drop and fired a rocket to wide receiver Chris McGee. McGee really had no choice but to catch it. The ball just sort of embedded in his gut. Favre went on to throw two touchdowns, including the game-winner to McGee in a 31-24 victory. Not bad for a hungover 17-year old.• Sept. 24, 1988: This was the telling moment in USM’s 10-2 season Favre’s sophomore year. The Golden Eagles trailed East Carolina 42-38 with seconds remaining. Driving against the clock, Favre scrambled around to his left, then spotted Alfred Williams open 40 yards down and all the way across the field. Favre unleashed a 45-yard fast ball. Williams turned around just in time to catch it inside the East Carolina 10. USM then scored the winning touchdown and Williams was asked afterward for how he knew to turn around. “I heard it,” Williams said. “You usually can hear Brett’s passes coming. They whistle.” OK, then. heres the ink to the article: https://msfame.com/here-we-knew-favre-first-before-we-could-spell-his-name/
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