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  1. Just seen this....may be true, don't know.
  3. All you need is one die hard fan parent. I have been a Braves fan since they moved to Atlanta. That is because my father was a Boston Braves fan from his childhood and when they moved to Milwaukee, he followed his fandom to them. Living in Augusta, Ga at the time the Braves moved to Atlanta, he was the happiest man on earth!! Spent many a day at Fulton County Stadium. He also infused the Falcon and Bulldog fan into my DNA. I always have been and always will be a proud fan of these teams.
  5. Growing up here in Augusta the NWA was in town at the Bell Auditorium every Monday night @ 7:30pm. My dad and I were always there. All the greats in the 70's were showing up.
  6. I grew up watching Ric, Harley Race, Mr Wrestling 1 & 2, etc. At the divisional game against Seattle, After the 3rd touchdown, I asked my wife's cousin "What does Ric Flair say?" and we both yelled his famous WOOOOOO!!
  7. Will be there!! We were there yesterday and have no voice right now. The wife and I will be there supporting our FALCONS!! RISE UP!!
  8. I know I don't post anything....but I lurk around here alot, especially loving PMF's posts. This will be my 3rd game this year, Carolina & Arizona earlier this year. I have been to the dome 3 times and am undefeated when attending! Hoping to continue my streak!! Sec 324 Row 5
  9. This is the reply I received from the ticket office, Hi, Wanted to followup from an inquiry you had regarding printing your tickets. I was able to check your tickets and because they were originally a part of season tickets you will be allowed to print them out at home. Tickets that can only be viewed mobilely if they are bought as single tickets directly from the TicketMaster website. Thank you for your question! Have fun at the game! MACKENZIE HEDIGER Account Service Associate Atlanta Falcons So all is good! RISE UP!! Thank you for the reply, notthatcool
  10. I just looked at my tickets online and they say only valid by printing them. Not able to use for mobile device. Now I am really confused as I got them through Ticket Exchange and thought it was the "official way" to purchase tickets.
  11. I just purchased 2 tickets to the Arizona game through Ticket Exchange. I noticed that the Falcons website says NO print at home option for 2016. Mobile is the only e-ticket option. Does that mean I can't print the tickets at home from the ticket exchange email I received and I have to show the email/website on my phone at the gate? I am new to this so please don't flame me for being ignorant. Thanks!!
  12. I am not "new" to the board...but it has been a LOOOOONG time since I have been on here. I have been a Falcon Fan since 1965. Actually born a Falcon, Brave and Bulldawg fan in 1965! My father was a big sports fan and a Boston Braves fan. He was ecstatic when they moved to Atlanta! As my Avatar shows, I got the perfect bike!! (2 out of 3 ain't bad).